magmablas_dsymv2_200 missing

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magmablas_dsymv2_200 missing

Postby jeremiahpalmer » Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:11 pm

Hello! In dlatrd2.cpp, I find this code segment:

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extern "C"
magmablas_dsymv2_200( char uplo, magma_int_t n,
                      double alpha,
                      double *A, magma_int_t lda,
                      double *X, magma_int_t incx,
                      double beta,
                      double *Y, magma_int_t incy,
                      double *work, int lwork);

I don't find magmablas_dsymv2_200 anywhere in magma. I do, however, find magmablas_dsymv_200. Perhaps this is a typo? Or maybe a routine was accidentally omitted.

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