Wrong Output

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Wrong Output

Postby itzsid » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:06 am


I wrote one interface to use magma cholesky decomposition, but I am getting all zeros in the output.

Below written is the interface code which takes as an input the dimension m, the matrix a and info

I tried it on a matrix of size 4392 x 4392.

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extern "C" void magma_chol(int m, double* a, int *info)

 cuInit( 0 );
    printout_devices( );

    double *h_A, *h_R;
    double *d_A;
    double gpu_perf, cpu_perf;

    TimeStruct start, end;

    /* Matrix size */
    int N=0, n2, lda;
//    int size[10] = {1024,2048,3072,4032,5184,6144,6912,8192,8960,9984};

    cublasStatus status;
    int i, j;

    /* Initialize CUBLAS */
    status = cublasInit();
    if (status != CUBLAS_STATUS_SUCCESS) {
        fprintf (stderr, "!!!! CUBLAS initialization error\n");

    lda = m;
    n2 = m * m;

    /* Allocate host memory for the matrix */

    cudaMallocHost( (void**)&h_R,  n2*sizeof(double) );
    if (h_R == 0) {
        fprintf (stderr, "!!!! host memory allocation error (R)\n");

    status = cublasAlloc(n2, sizeof(double), (void**)&d_A);
    if (status != CUBLAS_STATUS_SUCCESS) {
      fprintf (stderr, "!!!! device memory allocation error (d_A)\n");

        h_R[j] = a[j];

      start = get_current_time();
    magma_dpotrf("U", &N, h_R, &lda, d_A, info);
      end = get_current_time();

       printf("GPU Processing time: %f (ms) \n", GetTimerValue(start,end));


    /* Shutdown */
    status = cublasShutdown();
    if (status != CUBLAS_STATUS_SUCCESS) {
        fprintf (stderr, "!!!! shutdown error (A)\n");



What could be wrong in this code.

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