How call magma_dsyevd from c++?

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How call magma_dsyevd from c++?

Postby joserodas » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:36 pm

Hello, I'm trying to replace lapack routines in a software by the corresponding magma routines, this software is for quantum chemistry research, the soft uses dsyev routine from lapack, magma has dsyevd routine, I think that making the change is not difficult, however, I can not make the routine works well.

I'm doing it in the following way:

matrix.f90: is the module with all lapack routines, it contains dsyev routine, here call the new routine in c++

eigen.cpp: is the new object with magma call:

Code: Select all


        double aux_work[1];
        magma_int_t aux_iwork[1];
        magma_dsyevd( JOBZ[0], UPLO[0],
                      N, A, N, W,
                      aux_work,  -1,
                      aux_iwork, -1,
        magma_int_t LWORK;
        magma_int_t LIWORK;
        LWORK = (magma_int_t) aux_work[0];
        LIWORK = aux_iwork[0];
        magma_int_t LDDA = ((N + 31)/32)*32;

        WORK = (double*)malloc(LWORK*sizeof(double));
        IWORK = (magma_int_t*)malloc(LIWORK*sizeof(magma_int_t));

        magma_dsyevd( JOBZ[0], UPLO[0],
                      N, A, N, W,
                      WORK,  LWORK,
                      IWORK, LIWORK,

this code does not work, no compile errors, and no errors when running the software, simply no convergence

the original call in fortran:

Code: Select all
 call dsyev( &
                                        COMPUTE_EIGENVALUES_AND_EIGENVECTORS, &
                                        UPPER_TRIANGLE_IS_STORED, &
                                        matrixSize, &
                                        eigenVectors%values, &
                                        matrixSize, &
                                        eigenValues%values, &
                                        workSpace, &
                                        lengthWorkSpace, &
                                        infoProcess )

this is my system:

CUDA 5.0
Magma 1.3

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
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