SOLVED: How to compile on 64-bit Red Hat?

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SOLVED: How to compile on 64-bit Red Hat?

Postby MM_user » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:16 am

I'm trying to compile MAGMA 1.4 on a 64-bit RedHat 6.0 system. I don't have
the Intel compiler, or MKL. I do have CUDA installed, as well as the standard
BLAS and LAPACK versions which came with Red Hat. How do I compile? Which do I use? I tried modifying by removing the
reference to libgoto, but compilation failed during the linker stage. Does
anyone have working makefiles for compiling MAMBA on 64-bit Red Hat Linux?

SOLVED: I did this, and it compiled
cd /usr/lib64/atlas
ln -s
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