recommended GPUs (GTX580-3GB and a GT640-2GB) ??

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recommended GPUs (GTX580-3GB and a GT640-2GB) ??

Postby lejeczek » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:11 am

dear Magma creators/developers

I'd like to ask it you maybe have your favourite or recommended GPU(s)?
Or maybe you have conducted some benchmarks?
Reason I wonder is that I have here a GTX580-3GB and a GT640-2GB, the former is supposedly faster according to what one can gather form Internet sources but when I ran some Magma tests, eg.:
./testing_sgemm -l --ngpu 1 --dev 0 --nthread 7 (swapping devices)
I see only marginal differences between the two GPUs (given my tests were correct)

is this normal & expected?
it would be great to have something like recommended hardware spec, or guidance on how to select GPU so we all would know we don't waste money.

many thanks & regards
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Re: recommended GPUs (GTX580-3GB and a GT640-2GB) ??

Postby mgates3 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:13 pm

Sorry, we don't have resources to benchmark all variety of GPUs. Most of our CUDA tests now are on K20 and K40 GPUs, not the consumer GTX line. Since you didn't post any actual results, we can't comment on whether your results are expected.

BTW, --ngpu and --nthread are not used by that particular tester.

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