Inverse of a Square Double precision Matrix

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Inverse of a Square Double precision Matrix

Postby zioFranck » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:02 am

Hi guys I'm Franco
I'm an italian student of engineering and I have a problem.
For my thesi I'm writing a Fortran code wich do a simulation, The problem is that the simulation is very slow.
I detect the great part of the time is employed to invert a big square double precision matrix,I would parallelise this inversion and I se that it could be possible using magma routines, but I don't find nothing. For this i ask you help me!
Now I'm using this code to invert the matrix :

subroutine inverti(xm,n,lda)
implicit none

double precision :: xm(n,n),ws(n*n)
INTEGER i,n,pivotArray(n),lda

call dgetrf(n,n,xm,lda,pivotArray,i)
write(*,*)'error singular matrix in the function inverti'
call exit(0)
call dgetri(n,xm,lda,pivotArray,ws,n*n,i)

It work fine but is serial and so slow .
Please help me to paralelise the code
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Re: Inverse of a Square Double precision Matrix

Postby Stan Tomov » Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:06 pm

Yes, you can use MAGMA to do this computation. Both dgetrf and dgetri are implemented with GPU acceleration. You can see a list of the available in MAGMA 1.1 routines here.
Stan Tomov
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