Memory Access Error

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Memory Access Error

Postby tomac » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:31 am

Hello, i am trying to solve by LU (sgetrs_gpu)
so i have to factorize first with (sgetrf_gpu)

I think everything runs fine until calling
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cublasStrsm(MagmaLeft, MagmaUpper, MagmaNoTrans, MagmaNonUnit, n, nrhs, c_one, dA, ldda, dB, lddb );

in the magma_sgetrs_gpu method

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float* LU(float* h_A, int size, float* h_B){


    TimeStruct       start, end;
    float           flops=0, gpu_perf=0, cpu_perf=0;
    float *h_R,*h_X;
    float *d_A,*d_B;
   // float *hwork = new float[size]; // array, dimension N*NRHS

    magma_int_t     *ipiv;

    /* Matrix size */
    magma_int_t M =size, N = size, lda =size, ldda = size, lddb = size;

    magma_int_t info, min_mn, nb;

    min_mn = min(M, N);
    //nb     = magma_get_sgetrf_nb(min_mn);

    /* Allocate host memory for the matrix */
    TESTING_MALLOC(ipiv, magma_int_t, min_mn);
    TESTING_MALLOC(    h_A, float, M * N     );
    TESTING_HOSTALLOC( h_R, float, M * N    );
    TESTING_MALLOC( h_B, float, lda*1 );
    TESTING_MALLOC( h_X, float, lda*1 );
    TESTING_DEVALLOC(  d_A, float, ldda*N );
    TESTING_DEVALLOC( d_B, float, lddb*1 );


   // printf("\n\n  M     N   CPU GFlop/s    GPU GFlop/s\n");
   printf("\n\n  M     N    GPU GFlop/s\n");
   //M = N = *size;
       //lda   = M;
   //ldda  = lda;
   flops = FLOPS( (float)M, (float)N ) / 1000000;

        /* ====================================================================
           Performs operation using MAGMA
           =================================================================== */
        cublasSetMatrix( M, N, sizeof(float), h_R, lda, d_A, ldda);
   cublasSetMatrix( N, 1, sizeof( float ), h_B, N, d_B, lddb );
  magma_sgetrf_gpu( M, N, d_A, ldda, ipiv, &info);   
    magma_sgetrs_gpu('N', M, 1, d_A, ldda, ipiv, h_B, ldda, &info);   

 //cublasGetMatrix( M, N, sizeof(float), d_A, ldda, h_A, lda);
        cublasGetMatrix( N, 1, sizeof( float ), d_B, ldda, h_X, lda );

    /* Shutdown */

return h_X ;
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