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ICL becomes the newest Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC)

The Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville became the newest Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC).  The objective of the ICL's IPCC is the development and optimization of numerical linear algebra libraries and technologies for applications, while tackling current challenges in heterogeneous Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor-based High Performance Computing. In collaboration with Intel's MKL team, the IPCC at ICL will modernize the popular LAPACK and ScaLAPACK libraries to run efficiently on current and future manycore architectures, and will disseminate the developments through the open source MAGMA MIC library.

NVIDIA recognizes MAGMA breakthrough at GTC12

CUDA Centers of Excellence (CCOEs) include some of the world's top universities engaged in cutting-edge work with CUDA and GPU computing.  To highlight and reward the excellent research, each of the world's 18 CCOEs was asked to submit an abstract describing their top achievement in GPU computing over the past year and a half.  A panel of experts, led by NVIDIA Chief Scientist Bill Dally, selected four CCOEs to present their achievements at a special event during GTC 2012. UTK's CCOE was selected as one out of four CCOE finalists to showcase at GTC12 their work (see slides) on MAGMA: A Breakthrough in Solvers for Eigenvalue Problems (see abstract). 

Each of the four finalists received an HP ProLiant SL250 Gen8 system configured with dual NVIDIA Tesla K10 GPU accelerators

For further information see the NVIDIA press release.




Displaying 1-5 of 14 Entries
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