MAGMA 1.2.1 Released
MAGMA 1.2.1 is now available. This release provides the following new functionalities and improvements:
  • Fix bug in [zcsd]getrf_gpu.cpp;
  • Fix workspace requirement for SVD in [zcsd]gesvd.cpp;
  • Fix a bug in freeing pinned memory (in interface_cuda/alloc.cpp);
  • Fix a bug in [zcsd]geqrf_mgpu.cpp;
  • Fix zdotc to use cblas for portability;
  • Fix uppercase entries in blas/lapack headers;
  • Use magma_int_t in blas/lapack headers, and fix sources accordingly;
  • Fix magma_is_devptr error handling;
  • Add magma_malloc_cpu to allocate CPU memory aligned to 32-byte boundary for performance and reproducibility;
  • Fix memory leaks in latrd* and zcgeqrsv_gpu
  • Remove dependency on CUDA device driver
  • Add QR with pivoting in CPU interface (functions [zcsd]geqp3)
  • Add hegst/sygst Fortran interface
  • Improve performance of gesv CPU interface by 30%
  • Improve performance of ungqr/orgqr CPU and GPU interfaces by 30%; more for small matrices.

Further detail can be found in the ReleaseNotes.

See the MAGMA software homepage for a download link.

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