clMAGMA 1.0 Released
clMAGMA 1.0 is now available. clMAGMA is an OpenCL port of the MAGMA library. This release adds the following new functionalities:
  • Eigen and singular value problem solvers in both real and complex arithmetic, single and double (routines magma_z|c}heevd, magma_{d|s}syevd, magma_{z|c|d|s}geev, and magma_{z|c|d|s}gesvd);
  • Matrix inversion routines (routines magma_{z|c|d|s}trtri_gpu, magma_{z|c|d|s}getri_gpu, magma_{z|c|d|s}potri_gpu);
  • Orthogonal transformations routines ({z|c}unmqr_gpu, {d|s}ormqr_gpu, {z|c}ungqr, {d|s}orgqr, {z|c}unmtr, {d|s}ormtr, {z|c}unmqr, {d|s}ormqr, {z|c}unmql, {d|s}ormql, {z|c}unghr, and {d|s}orghr).

See the MAGMA software homepage for a download link.

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