Multicore application Modeling Infrastructure (MuMI)

The MuMI project is developing infrastructure that will facilitate systematic measurement, modeling, and prediction of performance, power consumption and performance-power tradeoffs for multicore systems.  The infrastructure is for use by application developers, system designers, and scientific application users.

The burgeoning multicore revolution in high-end computer architecture has far reaching implications for the software infrastructure of tools for performance measurement, modeling, and optimization, which has been indispensable to improved productivity in computational science over the past decade.  Understanding performance and performance-power tradeoffs in the context of the significant resource sharing that occurs in multicore systems is essential to making efficient use of these systems.

This NSF-funded, collaborative effort brings together experts from Texas A&M University, the University of Tennessee, and Virginia Tech.

The main MuMI website is hosted by Texas A&M and can be found at The website you are visiting now is hosted by the University of Tennessee and is meant to provide information on UT's specific involvement in the project.


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