NetBuild is a suite of tools designed to aid users in making use of computational software libraries that are stored on the network, without needing to have those libraries preinstalled on each user's computer. Instead, NetBuild will determine which libraries are not installed, identify suitable versions of those libraries that are accessible from the network, download those libraries, and link them into the user's program.

Since NetBuild is intended for use in high-performance computation, it supports the ability to select between several different versions of a library that might be available, each optimized for the specific characteristics of a target platform.

NetBuild libraries are cryptographically signed and verified in order to deter attempts to modify the downloaded libraries to attack users' systems.

NetBuild is easy to use. Simply type "nb2" followed by the command that would compile and link the program if the libraries were installed locally. This works for compile or link commands, shell scripts, and Makefiles.

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