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00001 SUBROUTINE sparsetest(
00002   IN int dnnzi, IN int dindi[dnnzi], IN int dptri[k],
00003   IN double dmat_i[k][l]{dnnzi_u, dindi_u, dptri_u},
00004   IN int dnnzio, INOUT int dindio[dnnzio], INOUT int dptrio[k],
00005   INOUT double dmat_io[k][l]{dnnzio, dindio, dptrio},  
00006   IN int dnnzo, OUT int dindo[dnnzo], OUT int dptro[k],
00007   WORKSPACE double dmat_o[k][l]{dnnzo, dindo, dptro},
00009   IN float fnnzi, IN int findi, IN int fptri,
00010   IN float fmat_i[k][l]{fnnzi, findi, fptri},
00011   IN int fnnzio, INOUT int findio[fnnzio], INOUT int fptrio[k],
00012   INOUT float fmat_io[k][l]{fnnzio, findio, fptrio},
00013   IN int fnnzo, OUT int findo[fnnzo], OUT int fptro[k],
00014   VAROUT float fmat_o[k][l]{fnnzo, findo, fptro},
00016   IN int innzi, IN int iindi[innzi], IN int iptri[k],
00017   IN int imat_i[k][l]{innzi, iindi, iptri},
00018   IN int innzio, INOUT int iindio[innzio], INOUT int iptrio[k],
00019   INOUT int imat_io[k][l]{innzio, iindio, iptrio},
00020   IN int innzo, IN int iindo[innzo], IN int iptro[k],
00021   OUT int imat_o[k][l]{innzo, iindo, iptro},
00023   IN int cnnzi, IN int cindi[cnnzi], IN int cptri[k],
00024   IN char cmat_i[k][l]{cnnzi, cindi, cptri},
00025   IN int cnnzio, INOUT int cindio[cnnzio], INOUT int cptrio[k],
00026   INOUT char cmat_io[k][l]{cnnzio, cindio, cptrio},
00027   IN int cnnzo, OUT int cindo[cnnzo], OUT int cptro[k],
00028   OUT char cmat_o[k][l]{cnnzo, cindo, cptro},
00030   IN int k, IN int l)
00031 "test of various sparse matrix types"
00032 LANGUAGE = "C"
00033 LIBS = "-L$(top_builddir)/problems/totaltest -ltotaltest_c"
00034 COMPLEXITY = "1.0"
00035 MAJOR="ROW"