gs_smart_netpm.c File Reference

#include "config.h"
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Detailed Description

This file contains structures and functions for network performance model. The network performance model is a representation of the performance of the servers and communication links of the fully or partially connected network. If SmartGridSolve is installed only on the client side, this structure will represent a network where no servers can communicate (in this case the application programmer will only benefit from improved mapping). If some of the servers are SmartGridSolve enabled then this structure will represent a partially connected network (the AP will also benefit from remote communication between servers). If all servers are SmartGridSolve enabled the network will be fully connected. This structure specifies the preformance (flops/sec) of each server and also each link (bandwidth) connecting it will the client. Where two servers in the network are SmartGridSolve enabled the performance (bandwidth) of the link between these servers will also be specified.

Definition in file gs_smart_netpm.c.