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00001 # this test has references to variables which are
00002 # not IN or INOUT (for IN/INOUT/OUT/WORKSPACE) or
00003 # are not OUT (for VAROUT).
00005 SUBROUTINE vpass_int(IN int ivec[n*m], IN int n, OUT int m,
00006   INOUT int ivec2[n2*m2], IN int n2, OUT int m2,
00007   OUT int ivec3[n3*m3], IN int n3, OUT int m3,
00008   WORKSPACE int ivec4[n4*m4], IN int n4, OUT int m4,
00009   OUT int vn, VAROUT char str[vn],
00010   IN int vn2, VAROUT char str2[vn2])
00011 "Does nothing...just for testing performance of argument sending."
00012 LANGUAGE = "C"
00013 LIBS = "-L$(top_builddir)/problems/passing -lpass"
00014 COMPLEXITY = "1.0"
00015 MAJOR="ROW"