NetSolve v2.0 released

Follow link to see a listing of new features and enhancements.

NetSolve v2.0 Enhancements and New Features:

  • Easy Interface Definition Language ( IDL )
  • Dynamic servers ( Add/Remove problems without killing/restarting servers )
  • GridRPC interface
  • Octave interface
  • Condor-G interface
  • Separate Hardware/Software Servers
  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • New Examples of key uses of the system
  • Support for Mac OS X
  • Support for Windows 2000/XP ( using Cygwin )
  • Web based monitoring system
  • Port use restriction ( limiting the number of ports used )
  • Security Mechanism ( signed software using GPG )
  • Allow user specified server to carry out the computation
  • User ability to abort an executing NetSolve Process
  • Distributed storage caching via DSI
  • Installation script

More details about the release can be found in the release notes

Download from the Software section.

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