Installation on Unix Systems using ns_install


Run ns_install from the new NetSolve-2.0 directory where the NetSolve package was uncompressed.
UNIX> ./ns_install


The script will first prompt for the components to be installed.
    1. Standard (Client, Server, Agent, Testers, Tools)
    2. Client
    3. Server
    4. Agent
    5. Tools
    6. Testers
    7. GridRPC API
    8. Matlab interface
    9. Octave interface
Enter 1 for the most common set of components.


If your selection above included the Server component you will be asked whether you want to enable GPG for signing software when using the Hardware/Software server feature. It is recommended that you enter y here if you wish to use the Hardware/Software server.


GPG options. If you selected to use GPG then you will be prompted to use version 1.2.3. If this version is present in your PATH you can choose to use it. Otherwise you may select to download GPG yourself ( see ), or let the script handle this download for you, or use a tarball already present. You may also skip GPG at this time.


Finally you will be prompted for any additional arguements to be passed to configure. Options are listed below under 2.1 Command line arguements. For example, if you wanted to limit the number of ports used by NetSolve to 9001 thru 9204, simply enter;


The script will now configure and build the components selected. If successful you should see, "NetSolve installation complete".


Starting the Agent


Starting the Server. You should check the file $NETSOLVE_ROOT/server_config to be sure the AGENT parameter is set for the Agent that you intend to use, then run:


To test your installation you can run: