Chapter 3. Downloading, Installing, and Testing the Client

Table of Contents
Installation on Unix Systems using ns_install
Installation on Unix Systems using ns_install
Installation on Unix Systems
Testing the Unix installation
Installation on Windows systems
Testing the Windows installation

The NetSolve client software is available for UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems and Windows environments. All of the client, agent, and server software is bundled into one tar-gzipped file for UNIX-like operating systems. There is a separate distribution file for the Windows client. No root/superuser privileges are needed to install or use any component of the NetSolve system.

NetSolve 2.0's configuration and installation environment has changed from previous versions prior to 1.4.1. Previously, a custom set of make include files were used to achieve easy installation. NetSolve 2.0 now uses autoconf to create an environment that looks like many other Open Source projects. There is also a new script, ns_install, to help make the installation even easier. It is recommended that you use this script to assist with the configuration and install of NetSolve. It will step you through the configuration, prompting for the necessary information to complete the install and then run configure. You can bypass this script and run configure yourself if you are comfortable doing so.

Installation on Unix Systems using ns_install

The NetSolve distribution tar file is available from the NetSolve web site. Once the file, NetSolve-2.0.tgz, has been downloaded, the following UNIX commands will create the NetSolve-2.0 directory: