Installation on Windows systems

This section describes the installation and testing of the Windows version of the NetSolve client software. At present, the software is distributed in the form of a self-extracting exe file. The Windows client only works with Windows 2000® and Windows XP®. It will not run on Windows 98 or earlier.

The contents of the self-extracting exe file are as follows, where NETSOLVE_DIR refers to the directory where you have unzipped the distribution.


This directory contains the readme file and an installation script.


This directory contains the NetSolve client library.


This directory contains the Matlab® binaries.


This directory contains various tools for managing NetSolve.


This directory contains various sample binary test programs that you can run to verify your installation.

The installation process is quite simple.

  1. Run the exe you downloaded from the NetSolve webpage to extract the files to a directory.

  2. Then run the executable netsolve_install.exe to set the registry keys for NetSolve.

To determine the agent host name, the user can issue the following command from a DOS prompt:

  1. C:\>cd NETSOLVE_DIR\tools

  2. C:\>getagent

To set a new agent host name, the user must issue the following command:

  1. C:\>cd NETSOLVE_DIR\tools

  2. C:\>setagent [agent host name]

    If the agent host name is not specified on the command line, you will be prompted for a host name. You will have the option of specifying a name or accepting the current agent name set in the registry.

The de-installation process is quite similar.

  1. C:\>cd NETSOLVE_DIR

  2. C:\>netsolve_install -uninstall

    The above program removes the keys from the Windows registry.

  3. C:\>rmdir /s NETSOLVE_DIR