Chapter 19. Using Condor-G with NetSolve

Table of Contents
To Use Condor-G with NetSolve
How it works


NetSolve has provided an interface to the Condor system. Condor, developed at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is a high throughput computing environment that can manage very large collections of distributed workstations. Condor-G is the job management part of Condor. It allows users to submit jobs into a queue, have a log detailing the life cycle of your jobs, manage input and output files, along with everything else expected from a job queuing system. It is a program that manages both a queue of jobs and the resources from one or more sites where those jobs can execute. Condor-G communicates with these resources and transfers files to and from these resources using Globus mechanisms.

It is possible to start a NetSolve server as a front-end to a Condor pool transparently to the NetSolve user. The user now can access grid resources without any interference.