Start Optimization

Start GA optimization using ga2k.
LINUX> cd $NETSOLVE_ROOT/C++examples/gaExample/client/ga2k-ns
LINUX> ./ga2k-ms_netsolve O
When you use option O, the output file fitness.out is created. In this file, the generation and the best value of the generations are illustrated. The default function is the Rastrigin function. There are several options for ga2k.

For example,
LINUX> ./ga2k-ms_netsolve O i2 p20 D2 g30
Means there are 40 population(2*20) and 30 generations are used for two dimension Rastrigin function. If you want to use another test function, you can use F option.
LINUX> ./ga2k-ms_netsolve O i2 p20 D2 g30 Frosenbrock
There are five types of test functions prepared;