Dynamic Servers

Previously, NetSolve servers had been designed such that a server has a specific set of problems which cannot be modified once the server has been started. If the server provider needed to make any modification, he had to bring down the server, make the modification and compile it again.

In any Grid environment, however this could be a big maintainance issue. However, now the server code has been modified in such a way that, the server provider can just modify the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/server_config file, adding or removing a problem, and then running the executable NS_updateserver. NS_updateserver takes two parameters, first the Agent name, then the name of the Server to be updated.

UNIX>NS_updateserver <agent name> <server name>

This would send a signal to the server, on receiving this signal from the user, the server would read the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/server_config file and make the neccessary changes dynamically. The new changes could be seen by using the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/bin/$NETSOLVE_ARCH/NS_problems tool.