Additional Notes on Writing and Compiling GridRPC Programs

To use the GridRPC API, you should include the header file grpc.h in your C program. This header file defines the various constants and function prototypes you may need when writing GridRPC programs. Also, when compiling, append $NETSOLVE_ROOT/src/GridRPC to your include path. This is typically done with the "-I" flag.

At link time, you will need to link the GridRPC client library as well as the NetSolve client library with your program. This would normally be specified when linking as: "-lnsgrpc -lnetsolve". Also, the library path may need to be specified at this time using "-L$NETSOLVE_ROOT/lib/$NETSOLVE_ARCH".

Finally, on some platforms such as Solaris, you may need to link in additional libraries for certain system calls (e.g. socket). If you encounter linker errors, try adding "-lnsl -lsocket" to your link command.