Chapter 21. GridRPC

Table of Contents
Compilation Instructions
Additional Notes on Writing and Compiling GridRPC Programs
Function Handles and Session IDs
Initializing and Finalizing Functions
Remote Function Handle Management Functions
GridRPC Call Functions
Asynchronous GridRPC Control Functions
Asynchronous GridRPC Wait Functions
Error Reporting Functions
Argument Stack Functions
Detailed GridRPC API Specification


The GridRPC API represents ongoing work to standardize and implement a portable and simple remote procedure call (RPC) mechanism for grid computing. This standardization effort is being pursued through the Global Grid Forum Research Group on Programming Models [apme]. The initial work on GridRPC reported in [grpcapi] shows that client access to existing grid computing systems such as NetSolve and Ninf [ninf] can be unified via a common API, a task that has proven to be problematic in the past.

Starting with version 2.0, NetSolve includes an implementation of the GridRPC API. Use of this API is optional and has not superseded the original NetSolve API. For full details of the specification of the GridRPC API, see [grpcapi].