Chapter 23. Using Octave with NetSolve

Table of Contents
Building the Octave Interface
What to Do First
Calling netsolve() to perform computations
Calling netsolve_nb()
Testing scripts

Building the Octave Interface

First obtain and build Octave. Octave is available from:

The user should use the configure option --with-octave-include to specify the path for the Octave include directory. You may also need to include the configure option --enable-shared when building Octave. The user should set the environment variable NETSOLVE_ROOT to the top-level NetSolve directory before building the interface. For instance;
UNIX> setenv NETSOLVE_ROOT /path/to/NetSolve
To build the Octave interface type:
UNIX> make octave
In the top-level NetSolve directory (NETSOLVE_ROOT). The following files will be created on a successful build: $NETSOLVE_ROOT/bin/$NETSOLVE_ARCH/NS_octave/netsolve.oct $NETSOLVE_ROOT/bin/$NETSOLVE_ARCH/NS_octave/netsolve_nb.oct $NETSOLVE_ROOT/bin/$NETSOLVE_ARCH/NS_octave/ The above files are the Octave interface to NetSolve and should be made accessible to Octave. In the following sections, the user will learn to call new functions netsolve() and netsolve_nb() from octave.