To Use Condor-G with NetSolve

Before using Condor-G with NetSolve, Condor, Condor-G and Globus should be properly installed and configured. Condor and Globus can be downloaded at:

To use Condor-G with NetSolve, one should start a specialized Condor-G server in NetSolve. This is done by inserting; '@CONDORG:<path> 1' into $NETSOLVE_ROOT/server_config file. After making server by typing:
UNIX>make server
one can start the specially configured server. Currently, the grid resource manager is set at the server side and should be changed accordingly. In order to let the NetSolve client be able to use the grid resources, the server creator must have the proper permission (Globus certificate) to use the resources managed by the resource manager. Before submitting a problem to Condor-G server, you have to create a grid proxy by running grid-proxy-init. The user (NetSolve client) does not need to have permissions to access those resources.