How it works

A job is submitted for execution to a Condor-G server. The server will then prepare a temporary submit description file similar to this:

executable      = /homes/shi/NetSolve/bin/sparc_sun_solaris2_8/service-lapack_subset
globusscheduler =
universe        = globus
output          = condor.out
error           = condor.error
arguments       = 0  /homes/shi/NetSolve/bin/sparc_sun_solaris2_8

The globusscheduler command is dependent on the scheduling software available on the remote resource. This required command should be changed based on the Grid resource intended for execution of the job. All Condor-G jobs are submitted to the Globus universe. The NetSolve server then issues condor_submit to submit the job for execution on the Globus resources. After the job is finished on the remote machines, the server will collect the results and send them to the client.