visPerf for NetSolve

Oct. 2nd, 2005 - Release

New features include:

New Features:

  • Ability to adjust max workload
  • Ability to monitor GridSolve
  • Various bugfixes
  • Support for specifying sensor and agent information in the JNLP file
  • Improved problem drawing algorithm
  • Added support for current grid activity**
  • Monitor now supports NetSolve 2.0 as well as NetSolve 1.4
  • Added Architecture info to the server tooltips*
  • Bandwidth and lantancy are now correct on launch*
  • Disconnect button now quits the monitor
  • Server icon tooltips displaying important server information
  • About tab now lists new features and updates
  • A hierarchical view of the server tree
  • Default grouping of server clusters in tree
  • New representation of server workload through icon saturation
  • Many bug fixes and code improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple sessions now supported correctly
  • Improved latency between log entry and display in monitor
  • Multiple clients now supported correctly
  • Handles HOST ERROR correctly
  • Multiple tree node with the same name now supported
  • Problems now drawn to correct servers*
  • Sometimes problem submissions do not disappear*
  • Disconnect button now works on windows
  • Reconnect button works


  • Servers sometimes do not disappear when they are deleated
Bold item(s) added in most recent release
* item(s) only available in NetSolve 2.0

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