ICL News
2015-11-21 insideHPC
New HPCG Benchmark List Goes Beyond LINPACK to Compare Supercomputers

2015-11-21 UTK
China Again Holds Top Spot, Increases Presence on Supercomputing List

2015-11-20 ASCR Discovery
Tackling a Trillion

2015-11-20 insideHPC
New ORNL Paper: Survey on Asymmetric Multicore Processors

2015-11-20 AnandTech
SuperComputing 15: Intels Knights Landing Xeon Phi Silicon on Display

2015-11-20 HPCwire
Gordon Bell Prize Awarded to IBM and Leading University Researchers

2015-11-20 insideHPC
Creating Careers for Research Software Engineers

2015-11-19 The Next Platform
The Knights Landing Xeon Phi Rollout Begins

2015-11-19 The Next Platform
OpenPower: Accelerated Computing Will Be The New Normal

2015-11-19 HPCwire
Gene Amdahl - A Personal Tribute

2015-11-18 HPCwire
TOP500 Reanalysis Shows Nothing Wrong with Moores Law

2015-11-17 HPCwire
HPCwire Debuts Outstanding Leadership Awards at SC15

2015-11-17 insideHPC
Intel Unveils Omni-Path for Scalable System Framework

2015-11-16 HPCwire
Christallizing TOP500 Trends That Cannot Be Ignored

2015-11-16 ORNL
INCITE Grants Awarded to 56 Computational Research Projects

2015-11-16 insideHPC
PGI and NNSA to Open Source Fortran Compiler

2015-11-16 The Next Platform
China Triples Top Supercomputer Count in 2015

2015-11-16 The Next Platform
Nvidia Brings Maxwell GPUs To Tesla Coprocessors

2015-11-16 HPCwire
Mellanox, ORNL to Deliver UCX Progress Report at SC15

2015-11-13 HPCwire
OpenACC Reviews Latest Developments and Future Plans

2015-11-13 insideHPC
Linux Foundation Announces OpenHPC Collaborative Project

2015-11-13 insideHPC
Slidecast: Mellanox Announces Switch IB2 on the Road to Exascale

2015-11-12 HPCwire
Processor Diversity on the Rise, Reports Intersect360

2015-11-12 Scientific Computing
National Labs Collaborate to Shape Development of Next-gen Supercomputers

2015-11-12 The Next Platform
Mellanox Turns InfiniBand Switches Into MPI Accelerators

2015-11-12 insideHPC
New Math Libraries Speed 64-bit ARM-based HPC Systems

2015-11-11 Ars Technica
Nvidias Jetson TX1 dev board is a mobile supercomputer for machine learning

2015-11-11 The Next Platform
Evolving the HPC Software Stack with Fresh Hardware

2015-11-11 Science Node
Building the US big data machine

2015-11-10 The Next Platform
Intel Blunts ARM Assault With Expanded Xeon D

2015-11-20 HPCwire
4th HPCG List Features 240% Growth In Machine Entries

2015-11-16 TOP500
Chinas Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Maintains Top Spot on List of Worlds TOP500 Supercomputers

2015-11-16 NICS
The University of Tennessee at SC15

2015-11-15 LAPACK
LAPACK 3.6.0 released

2015-11-11 TOP500
Jack Dongarra On TOP500: Past, Present, and Future

2015-11-11 HPCG
HPCG 3.0 Reference Code Released

2015-10-19 HPCwire
Numerical Algorithms and Libraries at Exascale

2015-10-06 ISTC
Interface Sharing between Data Storage and Analytics

2015-09-28 insideHPC
Jack Dongarra to Keynote Intel HPC Developer Conference at SC15

2015-09-14 UTK
Dongarra Named to Key Advisory Committee for Telescope Project

2015-09-11 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.7.0 released

2015-09-03 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.3 beta 1 released

2015-08-18 insideHPC
Interview: Erich Strohmaier and Jack Dongarra on Latest TOP500

2015-08-08 HPCwire
Reading List: Fault Tolerance Techniques for HPC

2015-07-23 HPCC
HPCC 1.5.0b released

2015-07-13 TOP500
TOP500 June 2015 List

2015-07-13 insideHPC
Latest HPCG Performance List Complements TOP500

2015-07-13 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.4.0 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2015-05-22 HPCC
HPCC 1.5.0a released

2015-05-20 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.2 released

2015-04-27 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.7.1 Release

2015-03-16 VR World
Supercomputing Frontiers 2015 To Feature Acclaimed Researcher Jack Dongarra

2015-03-02 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.4.1

2015-03-02 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.7.0 Release

2015-01-30 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.3.1 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2015-01-30 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.1 released

2014-12-01 HPCwire
Architectural Surprises Underpin New HPC Benchmark Results

2014-11-21 PULSAR
PULSAR 2.0.0 Release

2014-11-17 TOP500
Chinas Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Retains Top Spot on Fourth Consecutive TOP500 List

2014-11-16 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.0 released

2016-01-05 Adapt16
University of Birmingham Adaptive algorithms for computational PDEs

2016-01-10 SODA16
Symposium on Discrete Algorithms

2016-01-18 HiPEAC
High Performance And Embedded Architecture And Compilation

2016-03-20 Colorado
Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

2016-04-03 HPC 2016
High Performance Computing Symposium

2016-04-04 GTC 2016
GPU Technology Conference

2016-04-12 PP16
Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing

2016-06-08 PASC16
Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing

2016-06-19 ISC 2016
ISC High Performance

2016-07-04 PDESoft 2016
PDE Software Frameworks

2016-07-10 ARITH 23
IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

2016-07-15 ILAS
International Linear Algebra Society

2016-09-15 GAMM
GAMM Workshop Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra

2016-09-25 EuroMPI
EuroMPI 2016

2017-06-18 HHXX
Householder Symposium XX on Numerical Linear Algebra