ICL News
2016-02-04 Scientific Computing
Energy is as Important as Performance: The Green500

2016-02-04 insideHPC
Video: Bill Dally on Scaling Performance in the Post-Dennard Era

2016-02-03 Scientific Computing
How Do You Fit 10 Million Computers into a Single Supercomputer

2016-02-03 Science Node
THOR protects academic identity

2016-02-03 insideHPC
Video: Mars - A 64-Core ARMv8 Processor

2016-02-03 HPCwire
10 Highlights Celebrating 10 Years of ALCF

2016-02-02 iTnews
Europe to build exascale supercomputer prototype

2016-02-01 NSF
Building a foundation for CS for All

2016-02-01 insideHPC
European ExaNeSt Project to Pave the Way to Exascale

2016-02-01 insideHPC
Video: Satoshi Matsuoka on the ISC 2016 Conference Program

2016-01-29 insideHPC
Apply Now for Supercomputing Summer School

2016-01-28 go parallel
Making the Most of the MKL Eigensolver

2016-01-28 insideHPC
Shared Memory and MPI 3.0

2016-01-28 HPCwire
Toward a Converged Exascale-Big Data Software Stack

2016-01-27 HPCwire
Next Steps for NSCI: Seeking to Ensure a Long and Lively Lifespan

2016-01-27 insideHPC
Apply Now for Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing

2016-01-26 OLCF
Titan Targets Tumors

2016-01-25 The Next Platform
Baidu Looks to Next Generation Deep Learning Accelerators

2016-01-25 insideHPC
Call for Submissions: EuroMPI in Edinburgh

2016-01-23 insideHPC
Video: MCDRAM (High Bandwidth Memory) on Knights Landing

2016-01-22 HPCwire
A Conversation with James Reinders

2016-01-22 insideHPC
Heterogeneous Streams with Intel Xeon Phi

2016-01-22 insideHPC
The Death and Life of Traditional HPC

2016-01-21 CN
Reimagining Heterogeneous Computing: A Functional Instruction-Set Architecture Computing Model

2016-01-21 insideHPC
Call for Papers: Supercomputing Frontiers in Singapore

2016-01-21 Scientific Computing
Open-source GPU could Push Computing Power to the Next Level

2016-01-21 ISTC
The End of Slow Networks: Its Time for a Redesign

2016-01-20 HPCwire
Handicapping IBM/OpenPOWERs Odds for Success

2016-01-20 fossbytes
NVIDIA Announces Drive PX 2 Supercomputer For Self-driving Cars

2016-01-20 ISTC
Winning at Big Data: Whats Math Got to Do with It

2016-01-26 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.4.3

2016-01-22 MAGMA
MAGMA 2.0 beta 3 released

2016-01-07 MAGMA
MAGMA 2.0 beta has been released

2015-12-05 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.8.0 Release

2015-11-30 UTK
Dongarra Honored for Leadership in High Performance Computing

2015-11-20 HPCwire
4th HPCG List Features 240% Growth In Machine Entries

2015-11-16 TOP500
Chinas Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Maintains Top Spot on List of Worlds TOP500 Supercomputers

2015-11-16 NICS
The University of Tennessee at SC15

2015-11-15 LAPACK
LAPACK 3.6.0 released

2015-11-11 TOP500
Jack Dongarra On TOP500: Past, Present, and Future

2015-11-11 HPCG
HPCG 3.0 Reference Code Released

2015-10-19 HPCwire
Numerical Algorithms and Libraries at Exascale

2015-10-06 ISTC
Interface Sharing between Data Storage and Analytics

2015-09-28 insideHPC
Jack Dongarra to Keynote Intel HPC Developer Conference at SC15

2015-09-14 UTK
Dongarra Named to Key Advisory Committee for Telescope Project

2015-09-11 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.7.0 released

2015-09-03 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.3 beta 1 released

2015-08-18 insideHPC
Interview: Erich Strohmaier and Jack Dongarra on Latest TOP500

2015-08-08 HPCwire
Reading List: Fault Tolerance Techniques for HPC

2015-07-23 HPCC
HPCC 1.5.0b released

2015-07-13 TOP500
TOP500 June 2015 List

2015-07-13 insideHPC
Latest HPCG Performance List Complements TOP500

2015-07-13 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.4.0 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2015-05-22 HPCC
HPCC 1.5.0a released

2015-05-20 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.2 released

2015-04-27 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.7.1 Release

2015-03-16 VR World
Supercomputing Frontiers 2015 To Feature Acclaimed Researcher Jack Dongarra

2015-03-02 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.4.1

2015-03-02 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.7.0 Release

2015-01-30 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.3.1 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2016-02-24 HPC Advisory Council
HPC Advisory Council Stanford Workshop

2016-02-25 SciSoftDays
Scientific Software Days

2016-03-12 PPoPP16
Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming

2016-03-15 Supercomputing Frontiers
Supercomputing Frontiers 2016

2016-03-20 Colorado
Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

2016-04-03 HPC 2016
High Performance Computing Symposium

2016-04-04 GTC 2016
GPU Technology Conference

2016-04-04 OFA
OpenFabrics Alliance Workshop

2016-04-05 OpenPOWER
OpenPOWER Summit

2016-04-12 PP16
Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing

2016-04-18 EuroTUG 2016
European Trilinos User Group Meeting

2016-04-19 IWOCL 2016
International Workshop on OpenCL

2016-04-23 MNAD
Midwest Numerical Analysis Day

2016-05-16 ACM
Computing Frontiers

2016-05-23 IPDPS 2016
International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium

2016-05-23 HCW
Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop

2016-05-23 AsHES 2016
Accelerators and Hybrid Exascale Systems

2016-05-27 HPPAC'16
High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing

2016-05-27 iWAPT2016
International Workshop on Automatic Performance Tuning

2016-06-08 PASC16
Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing

2016-06-19 ISC 2016
ISC High Performance

2016-07-04 PDESoft 2016
PDE Software Frameworks

2016-07-06 PMAA16
Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications

2016-07-10 ARITH 23
IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

2016-07-15 ILAS
International Linear Algebra Society

2016-07-17 XSEDE

2016-07-18 HPCS 2016
High Performance Computing and Simulation

2016-09-07 IMA
Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization

2016-09-12 EUCCO 2016
European Conference on Computational Optimization

2016-09-15 GAMM
GAMM Workshop Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra