ICL News
2015-03-30 Scientific Computing
Better Debugger: Algorithm Automatically Finds Integer-overflow Bugs

2015-03-30 Scientific Computing
Two Mathematical Giants Share 2015 Abel Prize

2015-03-29 CACM
Charting the Future: Scholarly Publishing in CS

2015-03-27 HPCwire
DARPA Seeks New Computing Paradigms

2015-03-27 ZDNet
Intels next big thing: Knights Landing Xeon Phi

2015-03-27 Scientific Computing
Nobel Prize in Computing goes to MIT Database Systems Architecture Pioneer

2015-03-26 Scientific Computing
Ethernet Alliance Unveils Detailed Roadmap

2015-03-25 insideHPC
Video: High-Performance and Scalable Designs of Programming Models for Exascale Systems

2015-03-25 Scientific Computing
New Light-bending Record Critical for Next-gen Supercomputing

2015-03-25 HPCwire
Making the Case for HPC Just Got Easier

2015-03-24 HPCwire
Something for Everyone at GPU Technology Conference

2015-03-24 insideHPC
Nvidia Pascal GPU is Just One Year Away

2015-03-23 VR World
Jack Dongarra: China Isnt The Emerging HPC Power You Think It Is

2015-03-20 Scientific Computing
10 New OpenPOWER Foundation Solutions Unveiled

2015-03-20 HPCwire
GTC15 Keynote Highlights 10X GPU Computing Growth

2015-03-20 Platform
HPC Scales Out of Balance With CPU-Heavy Thinking

2015-03-19 VR World
Supercomputing Frontiers 2015: The 101×10^2 Problem. Solution: Unums

2015-03-19 insideHPC
Preparing for Advanced Manycore Architectures - and Implications on the Interconnect

2015-03-19 Platform
NVIDIA Tesla CTO Looks Ahead to Future HPC Systems

2015-03-19 HPCwire
ISC 2015 Keynotes to Focus on Latest Innovations and Future Challenges

2015-03-18 HPCwire
HSA Spec Lays Out Architecture for Acceleration

2015-03-18 insideHPC
Video: Interconnecting Future DoE Leadership Systems

2015-03-18 NVIDIA
NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Pascal GPU Architecture to Provide 10X Speedup for Deep Learning Apps

2015-03-17 HPCwire
New Models for Research, Part II

2015-03-17 TOP500
A Quantum Leap In Computing, Maybe

2015-03-17 insideHPC
Video: Satoshi Matsuoka on the Outlook for HPC in 2022

2015-03-16 HPCwire
Intels James Reinders on Parallel Programming and MIC

2015-03-16 Scientific Computing
Optimizing Application Energy Efficiency Using CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs

2015-03-14 ADMIN
Virtuous Benchmarks: Using Benchmarks to Your Advantage

2015-03-13 HPCwire
New Models for Research Computing, Part I

2015-03-16 VR World
Supercomputing Frontiers 2015 To Feature Acclaimed Researcher Jack Dongarra

2015-03-02 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.4.1

2015-03-02 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.7.0 Release

2015-01-30 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.3.1 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2015-01-30 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.1 released

2014-12-01 HPCwire
Architectural Surprises Underpin New HPC Benchmark Results

2014-11-21 PULSAR
PULSAR 2.0.0 Release

2014-11-17 TOP500
Chinas Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Retains Top Spot on Fourth Consecutive TOP500 List

2014-11-16 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.0 released

2014-11-16 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.3 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2014-11-16 MAGMA
clMAGMA 1.3 Released

2014-11-14 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.4.0

2014-10-30 UTK
Intel Selects Innovative Computing Laboratory as Computing Center

2014-09-26 TAMU
Dr. Jack Dongarra first TIAS Faculty Fellow in Department of Computer Science and Engineering

2014-09-17 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.2 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2014-09-06 TechEnablement
Dongarra Gives Deep-Learning a Python Interface With RaPyDLI

2014-09-02 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.5.0 released

2014-07-28 HPCwire
Dongarra and Team Start New Supercomputing Journal

2014-07-18 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.5.0 beta 3

2014-07-02 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.3.2

2014-07-01 ISC14
TOP500 List Presented at ISC14

2014-06-27 HPCwire
New HPC Benchmark Delivers Promising Results

2014-06-23 TOP500
Chinas Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Retains Top Spot on 43rd Edition of the TOP500 List

2014-05-31 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.2 Beta for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2014-05-30 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.5.0 beta 2 released

2014-05-20 UTK
DOE Looks to Dongarra for Input on Computing Advances

2014-05-01 ISTC
Fast Data Analysis with SVD

2014-04-30 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.5.0 beta 1 released

2014-04-21 PaRSEC
PaRSEC / DPLASMA 1.2.0 Released

2014-04-03 SIAM
SciDAC: Accelerating Scientific Discovery, Transforming Computational Science

2015-04-12 HPC 2015
High Performance Computing Symposium

2015-04-12 SpringSim'15
Spring Simulation Multi-Conference

2015-04-13 SAC 2015
Symposium On Applied Computing

2015-04-13 IDC
HPC User Forum

2015-04-20 NCSA
2015 GPU Hackathons

2015-04-26 CUG 2015
Cray User Group

2015-05-04 CCGrid 2015
International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing

2015-05-04 TAMU
Advanced Numerical Methods in the Mathematical Sciences

2015-05-06 VM60
Numerical Algebra, Matrix Theory, Differential-Algebraic Equations, and Control Theory

2015-05-06 Edinburgh
Optimization and Big Data 2015

2015-05-25 IPDPS 2015
International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium

2015-05-25 HiPeR 2015
High-Performance Runtime Workshop

2015-05-27 PinT 2015
Parallel-in-Time Integration

2015-06-01 PASC15
Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing

2015-06-01 ICCS 2015
International Conference on Computational Science

2015-06-04 CNRS
Structured Matrix Days 2015

2015-06-08 LSSC'15
Large-Scale Scientific Computations

2015-06-15 PETSc
PETSc 20th Anniversary Conference

2015-06-17 Preconditioning 2015
Preconditioning Techniques For Scientific And Industrial Applications

2015-06-18 NETNA2015
New Trends in Numerical Analysis

2015-06-21 IHPCSS
International HPC Summer School 2015

2015-06-23 NACONF
Numerical Analysis Conference

2015-06-24 CIMI
Low-Rank approximation for high performance sparse solvers

2015-06-29 CIMI
Sparse Days in St Girons III

2015-07-06 DD XXIII
Domain Decomposition Methods

2015-07-08 EUROPT2015
EUROPT Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization

2015-07-12 ISC 2015
ISC High Performance

2015-07-26 XSEDE15
Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment

2015-07-28 ICERM
Mathematics in Data Science

2015-08-24 Euro-Par 2015