ICL News
2015-07-06 insideHPC
Video: Algorithms for Extreme-Scale Systems

2015-06-30 HPCwire
The Necessary Marriage of Big Data with Exascale

2015-06-29 CACM
Exascale Computing and Big Data

2015-06-29 The Platform
Addressing Is The Secret Of Power8 CAPI

2015-06-26 insideHPC
Time to Unite Exascale and Big Data

2015-06-25 InformationWeek
Supercomputers Unleash Big Datas Power

2015-06-25 insideHPC
Power Usage for Coprocessors

2015-06-25 HPCwire
Four Challenges Facing Exascale Application Prep

2015-06-24 Scientific Computing
Anticipating a Major Role for Superconducting Computing

2015-06-24 insideHPC
Video: Satoshi Matsuoka on HPC Trends from PASC15

2015-06-23 HPCwire
ISC Session Preview: I/O in the Post-Petascale Era

2015-06-22 The Platform
Mont-Blanc Sets The Stage For ARM HPC

2015-06-22 insideHPC
Video: Introduction to XSEDE 2.0 and Beyond

2015-06-19 HPCwire
Japan Preps for HPC-Big Data Convergence

2015-06-18 SIAM
On Markov Decision Processes

2015-06-17 Scientific Computing
ISC Announces 2015 PRACE, GAUSS and Poster Winners

2015-06-17 insideHPC
Satoshi Matsuoka to Chair ISC 2016 Conference Program

2015-06-16 insideHPC
ISC 2015 Interview: Programming Models on the Road to Exascale

2015-06-15 The Platform
For Next Generation Supercomputers, What’s Old is New Again

2015-06-15 insideHPC
Video: Algorithmic Adaptations to Extreme Scale

2015-06-15 insideHPC
Will Europe be First to Exascale

2015-06-15 HPCwire
Fixating on Exascale Performance Only Is a Bad Idea

2015-06-12 HPCwire
Tracking the Trajectory to Exascale and Beyond

2015-06-10 insideHPC
Video: Towards Inevitable Convergence of HPC and Big Data

2015-06-10 iSGTW
Supernova hunting with supercomputers

2015-06-09 Enterprise Tech
Government Labs Give Enterprises a Supercomputing Boost

2015-06-08 insideHPC
Video: David Keyes on the PASC15 Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing

2015-06-08 The Platform
Intel Finishes Haswell Xeon E5 Rollout, Launches Broadwell E3

2015-06-08 insideHPC
Video: Parallel Algorithms Reconsidered

2015-06-04 insideHPC
Video: Three Ways to Debug Parallel CUDA Applications

2015-05-22 HPCC
HPCC 1.5.0a released

2015-05-20 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.2 released

2015-04-27 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.7.1 Release

2015-03-16 VR World
Supercomputing Frontiers 2015 To Feature Acclaimed Researcher Jack Dongarra

2015-03-02 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.4.1

2015-03-02 PLASMA
PLASMA 2.7.0 Release

2015-01-30 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.3.1 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2015-01-30 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.1 released

2014-12-01 HPCwire
Architectural Surprises Underpin New HPC Benchmark Results

2014-11-21 PULSAR
PULSAR 2.0.0 Release

2014-11-17 TOP500
Chinas Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Retains Top Spot on Fourth Consecutive TOP500 List

2014-11-16 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.6.0 released

2014-11-16 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.3 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2014-11-16 MAGMA
clMAGMA 1.3 Released

2014-11-14 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.4.0

2014-10-30 UTK
Intel Selects Innovative Computing Laboratory as Computing Center

2014-09-26 TAMU
Dr. Jack Dongarra first TIAS Faculty Fellow in Department of Computer Science and Engineering

2014-09-17 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.2 for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2014-09-06 TechEnablement
Dongarra Gives Deep-Learning a Python Interface With RaPyDLI

2014-09-02 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.5.0 released

2014-07-28 HPCwire
Dongarra and Team Start New Supercomputing Journal

2014-07-18 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.5.0 beta 3

2014-07-02 PAPI
Announcing PAPI 5.3.2

2014-07-01 ISC14
TOP500 List Presented at ISC14

2014-06-27 HPCwire
New HPC Benchmark Delivers Promising Results

2014-06-23 TOP500
Chinas Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Retains Top Spot on 43rd Edition of the TOP500 List

2014-05-31 MAGMA
MAGMA MIC 1.2 Beta for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released

2014-05-30 MAGMA
MAGMA 1.5.0 beta 2 released

2014-05-20 UTK
DOE Looks to Dongarra for Input on Computing Advances

2014-05-01 ISTC
Fast Data Analysis with SVD

2015-07-08 EUROPT2015
EUROPT Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization

2015-07-12 ISC 2015
ISC High Performance

2015-07-26 XSEDE15
Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment

2015-07-26 HPCA2015
High Performance Computing and Applications

2015-07-28 ICERM
Mathematics in Data Science

2015-08-03 AARMS
Domain Decomposition Methods for PDEs

2015-08-05 ICNONLA 2015
International Conference on Numerical Optimization and Numerical Linear Algebra

2015-08-24 Euro-Par 2015

2015-08-24 MMMA-2015
Matrix Methods in Mathematics and Applications

2015-08-24 HPCC-2015
High Performance Computing and Communications

2015-08-25 Oxford
New Directions in Numerical Computation

2015-08-25 Oxford
New Directions in Numerical Computation

2015-08-26 HOTI
IEEE Hot Interconnects

2015-08-31 ICERM
Numerical Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear Problems and Their Applications

2015-09-01 IMA
IMA Conference on Numerical Methods for Simulation

2015-09-01 ICPP 2015
International Conference on Parallel Processing

2015-09-02 ZIH
9th Parallel Tools Workshop

2015-09-04 eScience 2015
IEEE eScience Conference

2015-09-06 MAMHIP15
Models, Algorithms and Methodologies for Hybrid Parallelism in new HPC Systems

2015-09-06 PPAM 2015
Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics

2015-09-06 PPAM
Applied High Performance Numerical Algorithms for PDEs

2015-09-08 Cluster 2015
IEEE Cluster

2015-09-13 CANA15
Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms

2015-09-14 SciCADE 2015
International Conference on Scientific Computation and Differential Equations

2015-09-14 SciCADE 2015
Scientific Computation and Differential Equations

2015-09-15 HPEC 2015
High Performance and Embedded Computing

2015-09-23 MCSoC-15
Embedded Multicore/Many-core Systems-on-Chip

2015-10-15 CSESSP Challenges
Computational Science and Engineering Software Sustainability and Productivity Challenges

2015-10-19 OLCF
2015 GPU Hackathons

2015-10-26 LA15
SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra