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Portable Network Locality (netloc)

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Git checkout

The Git repository may be checked out with:

  git clone

Online browsing

The Git repository may be browsed online.

Branches and tags

There are three general areas of the source code repository that will interest most users:

  • The "master" branch is generally the head of netloc development. This branch is checked out by default when cloning the Git repository.
  • Major stable releases are always branched. For example, the 1.0 series of netloc will be available under branch v1.0 directory; the 1.1 series is available under branch v1.1, etc.
  • Point releases are all tagged. For example, version 1.0.0 will be available tagged as netloc-1.0.0, version 2.3.4 would available under tag netloc-2.3.4, etc.