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What's new in SVN vs. the current release?

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This page is for developers who want to work on the internals of Open MPI itself.
If you are a general user or system administrator looking to simply download and install Open MPI, please click here.

This page describes what is new in Subversion that is not yet available in a stable release. More specifically, it provides a link to the "NEWS" file that is included in Open MPI distributions. This file provides short bullets describing user-visible changes in Open MPI between versions.

The NEWS file at the head of our development (i.e., the Subversion trunk) is kept up-to-date with changes both on the trunk and all release branches. The Open MPI team starts a new section in NEWS immediately after each release and keeps it up-to-date as changes are made in the repository. Hence, checking this file will show he high-level changes that are available in each version -- even versions that are not yet available as stable releases.

Here is the current NEWS file from the Subversion trunk (also available here):

Copyright (c) 2004-2010 The Trustees of Indiana University and Indiana
                        University Research and Technology
                        Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2004-2006 The University of Tennessee and The University
                        of Tennessee Research Foundation.  All rights
Copyright (c) 2004-2008 High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, 
                        University of Stuttgart.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2004-2006 The Regents of the University of California.
                        All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2006-2013 Cisco Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2006      Voltaire, Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2006      Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
                        Use is subject to license terms.
Copyright (c) 2006-2014 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.  All rights
Copyright (c) 2010-2012 IBM Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2012      Oak Ridge National Labs.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2012      Sandia National Laboratories.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2012      University of Houston. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2013      NVIDIA Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Intel, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Additional copyrights may follow



This file contains the main features as well as overviews of specific
bug fixes (and other actions) for each version of Open MPI since
version 1.0.

As more fully described in the "Software Version Number" section in
the README file, Open MPI typically releases two separate version
series simultaneously.  Since these series have different goals and
are semi-independent of each other, a single NEWS-worthy item may be
introduced into different series at different times.  For example,
feature F was introduced in the vA.B series at version vA.B.C, and was
later introduced into the vX.Y series at vX.Y.Z.

The first time feature F is released, the item will be listed in the
vA.B.C section, denoted as:

   (** also to appear: X.Y.Z) -- indicating that this item is also
                                 likely to be included in future release
                                 version vX.Y.Z.

When vX.Y.Z is later released, the same NEWS-worthy item will also be
included in the vX.Y.Z section and be denoted as:

   (** also appeared: A.B.C)  -- indicating that this item was previously
                                 included in release version vA.B.C.

Trunk (not on release branches yet)
- CUDA-aware support can now handle GPUs within a node that do not
  support CUDA IPC.  Earlier versions would get error and abort.
- Do not build the MPI C++ bindings by default.  They must be enabled
  via --enable-mpi-cxx.


- Fixed application abort bug to ensure that MPI_Abort exits appropriately
  and returns the provided exit status
- Fixed some alignment (not all) issues identified by Clang
- Allow CUDA-aware to work with nonblocking collectives. Forces packing to
  happen when using GPU buffers.
- Fixed configure test issue with Intel 2015 Fortran compiler
- Fixed some PGI-related errors
- Provide better help message when encountering a firewall
- Fixed MCA parameter quoting to protect multi-word params and params
  that contain special characters
- Improved the bind-to help message to clarify the defaults
- Add new MPI-3.1 tools interface
- Several performance optimizations and memory leak cleanups
- Turn off the coll/ml plugin unless specifically requested as it
  remains in an experimental state
- Fix LSF support by adding required libraries for the latest LSF
  releases.  Thanks to Joshua Randal for supplying the initial


- Add missing Fortran bindings for MPI_WIN_LOCK_ALL,
- Fix cascading/over-quoting in some cases with the rsh/ssh-based
  launcher.  Thanks to multiple users for raising the issue.
- Properly add support for gfortran 4.9 ignore TKR pragma (it was
  erroneously only partially added in v1.7.5).  Thanks to Marcus
  Daniels for raising the issue.
- Update/improve help messages in the usnic BTL.
- Resolve a race condition in MPI_Abort.
- Fix obscure cases where static linking from wrapper compilers would
- Clarify the configure --help message about when OpenSHMEM is
  enabled/disabled by default.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for the
- Align pages properly where relevant.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for
  identifying the issue.
- Various compiler warning and minor fixes for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and
  Solaris/SPARC.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for the patches.
- Properly pass function pointers from Fortran to C in the mpi_f08
  module, thereby now supporting gfortran 4.9.  Thanks to Tobias
  Burnus for assistance and testing with this issue.
- Improve support for Cray CLE 5.
- Fix mpirun regression: ensure exit status is non-zero if mpirun is
  terminated due to signal.
- Improved CUDA efficiency of asynchronous copies.
- Fix to parameter type in MPI_Type_indexed.3.  Thanks to Bastian
  Beischer for reporting the mistake.
- Fix NUMA distance calculations in the openib BTL.
- Decrease time required to shut down mpirun at the end of a job.
- More RMA fixes.
- More hostfile fixes from Tetsuya Mishima.
- Fix darray issue where UB was not computed correctly.
- Fix mpi_f08 parameter name for MPI_GET_LIBRARY_VERSION.  Thanks to
  Junchao Zhang for pointing out the issue.
- Ensure mpirun aborts properly when unable to map processes in
  scheduled environments.
- Ensure that MPI RMA error codes show up properly.  Thanks to
  Lisandro Dalcin for reporting the issue.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements to the bash and zsh mpirun
  autocompletion scripts.
- Fix sequential mpirun process mapper.  Thanks to Bill Chen for
  reporting the issue.
- Correct SLURM stdout/stderr redirection.
- Added missing portals 4 files.
- Performance improvements for blocking sends and receives.
- Lots of cleanup to the ml collective component
- Added new Java methods to provide full MPI coverage
- Many OSHMEM cleanups
- Prevent comm_spawn from automatically launching a VM across
  all available nodes
- Close many memory leaks to achieve valgrind-clean operation
- Better handling of TCP connection discovery for mismatched networks
  where we don't have a direct 1:1 subnet match between nodes
- Prevent segfault when OMPI info tools are used in pipes and user
  exits one step of that pipe before completing output


- Fix for critical bug: mpirun removed files (but not directories)
  from / when run as root.  Thanks to Jay Fenlason and Orion Poplawski
  for bringing the issue to our attention and helping identify the


- Commit upstream ROMIO fix for mixed NFS+local filesystem environments.
- Several fixes for MPI-3 one-sided support.  For example,
  arbitrary-length datatypes are now supported.
- Add config support for the Mellanox ConnectX 4 card.
- Add missing MPI_COMM_GET|SET_INFO functions, and missing
  MPI_WEIGHTS_EMPTY and MPI_ERR_RMA_SHARED constants.  Thanks to
  Lisandro Dalcin for pointing out the issue.
- Update some help messages in OSHMEM, the usnic BTL, the TCP BTL, and
  ORTE, and update documentation about ompi_info's --level option.
- Fix some compiler warnings.
- Ensure that ORTE daemons are not bound to a single processor
  if TaskAffinity is set on by default in Slurm. Thanks to Artem Polyakov
  for identifying the problem and providing a patch


 *  Open MPI is now fully MPI-3.0 compliant
- Add Linux OpenSHMEM support built on top of Open MPI's MPI
  layer. Thanks to Mellanox for contributing this new feature.
- Allow restricting ORTE daemons to specific cores using the
  orte_daemon_cores MCA param.
- Ensure to properly set "locality" flags for processes launched via
  MPI dynamic functions such as MPI_COMM_SPAWN.
- Fix MPI_GRAPH_CREATE when nnodes is smaller than the size of the old
- usnic BTL now supports underlying UDP transport.
- usnic BTL now checks for common connectivty errors at first send to
  a remote server.
- Minor scalability improvements in the usnic BTL.
- ompi_info now lists whether the Java MPI bindings are available or not.
- MPI-3: mpi.h and the Fortran interfaces now report MPI_VERSION==3
- MPI-3: Added support for new RMA functions and functionality.
- Fix MPI_Info "const buglet.  Thanks to Orion Poplawski for
  identifying the issue.
- Multiple fixes to mapping/binding options. Thanks to Tetsuya Mishima
  for his assistance.
- Multiple fixes for normal and abnormal process termination,
  including singleton MPI_Abort and ensuring to kill entire process
  groups when abnormally terminating a job.
- Fix DESTDIR install for javadocs.  Thanks to Orion Poplawski for
  pointing out the issue.
- Various performance improvements for the MPI Java bindings.
- OMPI now uses its own internal random number generator and will not
  perturb srand() and friends.
- Some cleanups for Cygwin builds.  Thanks to Marco Atzeri for the
- Add a new collective component (coll/ml) that provides substantially
  improved performance.  It is still experimental, and requires
  setting coll_ml_priority > 0 to become active.
- Add version check during startup to ensure you are using the same
  version of Open MPI on all nodes in a job.
- Significantly improved the performance of MPI_DIMS_CREATE for large
  values.  Thanks to Andreas Schäfer for the contribution.
- Removed ASYNCHRONOUS keyword from the "ignore TKR" mpi_f08 module.
- Deprecated the following mpirun options: 
  --bynode, --bycore, --byslot: replaced with --map-by node|core|slot.
  --npernode, --npersocket: replaced with --map-by ppr:N:node and
       --map-by ppr:N:socket, respectively
- Pick NFS "infinitely stale" fix from ROMIO upstream.
- Various PMI2 fixes and extension to support broader range of mappings.
- Improve launch performance at large scale.
- Add support for PBS/Torque environments that set environment
  variables to indicate the number of slots available on each nodes.
  Set the ras_tm_smp MCA parameter to "1" to enable this mode.
- Add new, more scalable endpoint exchange (commonly called "modex")
  method that only exchanges endpoint data on a per-peer basis
  on first message. Not all transports have been updated to use
  this feature. Set the rte_orte_direct_modex parameter to "1"
  to enable this mode.

 * As of release 1.7.4, OpenMPI's default mapping, ranking, and binding
 * settings have changed:
 * Mapping:
 *   if #procs <= 2, default to map-by core
 *   if #procs > 2, default to map-by socket
 * Ranking:
 *   if default mapping is used, then default to rank-by slot
 *   if map-by  is given, then default to rank-by ,
 *      where  is whatever object we mapped against
 * Binding:
 *   default to bind-to core
 * Users can override any of these settings individually using the
 * corresponding MCA parameter. Note that multi-threaded applications
 * in particular may want to override at least the binding default
 * to allow threads to use multiple cores.
- Restore version number output in "ompi_info --all".
- Various bug fixes for the mpi_f08 Fortran bindings.
- Fix ROMIO compile error with Lustre 2.4.  Thanks to Adam Moody for
  reporting the issue. 
- Various fixes for 32 bit platforms.
- Add ability to selectively disable building the mpi or mpi_f08
  module.  See the README file for details.
- Fix MX MTL finalization issue.
- Fix ROMIO issue when opening a file with MPI_MODE_EXCL.
- Fix PowerPC and MIPS assembly issues.
- Various fixes to the hcoll and FCA collective offload modules.
- Prevent integer overflow when creating datatypes.  Thanks to
  original patch from Gilles Gouaillardet.
- Port some upstream hwloc fixes to Open MPI's embedded copy for
  working around buggy NUMA node cpusets and including mising header
  files.  Thanks to Jeff Becker and Paul Hargrove for reporting the
- Fix recursive invocation issues in the MXM MTL.
- Various bug fixes to the new MCA parameter back-end system.
- Have the posix fbtl module link against -laio on NetBSD platforms.
  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for noticing the issue.
- Various updates and fixes to network filesystem detection to support
  more operating systems.
- Add gfortran v4.9 "ignore TKR" syntax to the mpi Fortran module.
- Various compiler fixes for several BSD-based platforms.  Thanks to
  Paul Hargrove for reporting the issues.
- Fix when MPI_COMM_SPAWN[_MULTIPLE] is used on oversubscribed
- Change the output from --report bindings to simply state that a
  process is not bound, instead of reporting that it is bound to all
- Per MPI-3.0 guidance, remove support for all MPI subroutines with
  choice buffers from the TKR-based mpi Fortran module.  Thanks to Jed
  Brown for raising the issue.
- Only allow the usnic BTL to build on 64 bit platforms.
- Various bug fixes to SLURM support, to include ensuring proper
  exiting on abnormal termination.
- Ensure that MPI_COMM_SPAWN[_MULTIPLE] jobs get the same mapping
  directives that were used with mpirun.
- Fixed the application of TCP_NODELAY.
- Change the TCP BTL to not warn if a non-existent interface is
- Restored the "--bycore" mpirun option for backwards compatibility.
- Fixed debugger attach functionality.  Thanks to Ashley Pittman for
  reporting the issue and suggesting the fix.
- Fixed faulty MPI_IBCAST when invoked on a communicator with only
  one process.
- Add new Mellanox device IDs to the openib BTL.
- Progress towards cleaning up various internal memory leaks as
  reported by Valgrind.
- Fixed some annoying flex-generated warnings that have been there for
  years.  Thanks to Tom Fogal for the initial patch.
- Support user-provided environment variables via the "env" info key
  to MPI_COMM_SPAWN[_MULTIPLE].  Thanks to Tom Fogal for the feature
- Fix uninitialized variable in MPI_DIST_GRAPH_CREATE.
- Fix a variety of memory errors on SPARC platforms.  Thanks to
  Siegmar Gross for reporting and testing all the issues.
- Remove Solaris threads support.  When building on Solaris, pthreads
  will be used.
- Correctly handle the convertor internal stack for persistent
  receives.  Thanks to Guillaume Gouaillardet for identifying the
- Add support for using an external libevent via --with-libevent.  See
  the README for more details.
- Various OMPIO updates and fixes.
- Add support for the MPIEXEC_TIMEOUT environment variable.  If set,
  mpirun will terminate the job after this many seconds.
- Update the internal copy of ROMIO to that which shipped in MPICH
- Various performance tweaks and improvements in the usnic BTL,
  including now reporting MPI_T performance variables for each usnic
- Fix to not access send datatypes for non-root processes with
  MPI_ISCATTER[V] and MPI_IGATHER[V].  Thanks to Pierre Jolivet for
  supplying the initial patch.
- Update VampirTrace to
- Fix ptmalloc2 hook disable when used with ummunotify.
- Change the default connection manager for the openib BTL to be based
  on UD verbs data exchanges instead of ORTE OOB data exchanges.
- Fix Fortran compile error when compiling with 8-byte INTEGERs and
  4-byte ints.
- Fix C++11 issue identified by Jeremiah Willcock.
- Many changes, updates, and bug fixes to the ORTE run-time layer.
- Correctly handle MPI_REDUCE_SCATTER with recvcounts of 0.
- Update man pages for MPI-3, and add some missing man pages for
  MPI-2.x functions.
- Updated mpi_f08 module in accordance with post-MPI-3.0 errata which
  basically removed BIND(C) from all interfaces.
- Fixed MPI_IN_PLACE detection for MPI_SCATTER[V] in Fortran
  routines.  Thanks to Charles Gerlach for identifying the issue.
- Added support for routable RoCE to the openib BTL.
- Update embedded hwloc to v1.7.2.
- ErrMgr framework redesigned to better support fault tolerance development
  activities. See the following RFC for details:
- Added database framework to OPAL and changed all modex operations
  to flow thru it, also included additional system info in the
  available data
- Added staged state machine to support sequential work flows
- Added distributed file system support for accessing files across
  nodes that do not have networked file systems
- Extended filem framework to support scalable pre-positioning of
  files for use by applications, adding new "raw" component that
  transmits files across the daemon network
- Native Windows support has been removed. A cygwin package is
  available from that group for Windows-based use.
- Added new MPI Java bindings.  See the Javadocs for more details on
  the API.
- Wrapper compilers now add rpath support by default to generated
  executables on systems that support it.  This behavior can be
  disabled via --disable-wrapper-rpath.  See note in README about ABI
  issues when using rpath in MPI applications.
- Added a new parallel I/O component and multiple new frameworks to 
  support parallel I/O operations.
- Fixed MPI_STATUS_SIZE Fortran issue when used with 8-byte Fortran
  INTEGERs and 4-byte C ints.  Since this issue affects ABI, it is
  only enabled if Open MPI is configured with
  --enable-abi-breaking-fortran-status-i8-fix.  Thanks to Jim Parker
  for supplying the initial patch.
- Add support for Intel Phi SCIF transport.
- For CUDA-aware MPI configured with CUDA 6.0, use new pointer
  attribute to avoid extra synchronization in stream 0 when using
  CUDA IPC between GPUs on the same node.
- For CUDA-aware MPI configured with CUDA 6.0, compile in support
  of GPU Direct RDMA in openib BTL to improve small message latency.
- Updated ROMIO from MPICH v3.0.4.
- MPI-3: Added support for remaining non-blocking collectives.
- MPI-3: Added support for neighborhood collectives.
- MPI-3: Updated C bindings with consistent use of [].
- MPI-3: Added the const keyword to read-only buffers.
- MPI-3: Added support for non-blocking communicator duplication.
- MPI-3: Added support for non-collective communicator creation.

- Make CUDA-aware support dynamically load so CUDA-aware
  MPI library can run on systems without CUDA software.
- Fix various issues with dynamic processes and intercommunicator
  operations under Torque.  Thanks to Suraj Prabhakaran for reporting
  the problem.
- Enable support for the Mellanox MXM2 library by default.
- Improve support for Portals 4.
- Various Solaris fixes.  Many thanks to Siegmar Gross for his
  incredible patience in reporting all the issues.
- MPI-2.2: Add reduction support for MPI_C_*COMPLEX and MPI::*COMPLEX.
- Fixed internal accounting when openpty() fails.  Thanks to Michal
  Peclo for reporting the issue and providing a patch.
- Fixed too-large memory consumption in XRC mode of the openib BTL.
  Thanks to Alexey Ryzhikh for the patch.
- Add bozo check for negative np values to mpirun to prevent a
  deadlock.  Thanks to Upinder Malhi for identifying the issue.
- Fixed MPI_IS_THREAD_MAIN behavior.  Thanks to Lisandro Dalcin for
  pointing out the problem.
- Various rankfile fixes.
- Fix functionality over iWARP devices.
- Various memory and performance optimizations and tweaks.
- Fix MPI_Cancel issue identified by Fujitsu.
- Add missing support for MPI_Get_address in the "use mpi" TKR
  implementation.  Thanks to Hugo Gagnon for identifying the issue.
- MPI-3: Add support for MPI_Count.
- MPI-2.2: Add missing MPI_IN_PLACE support for MPI_ALLTOALL.
- Added new usnic BTL to support the Cisco usNIC device.
- Minor VampirTrace update to
- Removed support for ancient OS X systems (i.e., prior to 10.5).
- Fixed obscure packing/unpacking datatype bug.  Thanks to Takahiro
  Kawashima for identifying the issue.
- Add run-time support for PMI2 environments.
- Update openib BTL default parameters to include support for Mellanox
  ConnectX3-Pro devices.
- Update libevent to v2.0.21.
- "ompi_info --param TYPE PLUGIN" now only shows a small number of MCA
  parameters by default.  Add "--level 9" or "--all" to see *all* MCA
  parameters.  See README for more details.
- Add support for asynchronous CUDA-aware copies.
- Add support for Mellanox MPI collective operation offload via the
  "hcoll" library.
- MPI-3: Add support for the MPI_T interface.  Open MPI's MCA
  parameters are now accessible via the MPI_T control variable
  interface.  Support has been added for a small number of MPI_T
  performance variables.
- Add Gentoo memory hooks override.  Thanks to Justin Bronder for the
- Added new "mindist" process mapper, allowing placement of processes
  via PCI locality information reported by the BIOS.
- MPI-2.2: Add support for MPI_Dist_graph functionality.
- Enable generic, client-side support for PMI2 implementations. Can 
  be leveraged by any resource manager that implements PMI2; e.g. SLURM, 
  versions 2.6 and higher.   

- Major VampirTrace update to
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix to set flag==1 when MPI_IPROBE is called with MPI_PROC_NULL.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Set the Intel Phi device to be ignored by default by the openib BTL.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Decrease the internal memory storage used by intrinsic MPI datatypes
  for Fortran types.  Thanks to Takahiro Kawashima for the initial
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix total registered memory calculation for Mellanox ConnectIB and
  OFED 2.0.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix possible data corruption in the MXM MTL component.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Remove extraneous -L from hwloc's embedding.  Thanks to Stefan
  Friedel for reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix contiguous datatype memory check.  Thanks to Eric Chamberland
  for reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Make the openib BTL more friendly to ignoring verbs devices that are
  not RC-capable.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix some MPI datatype engine issues.  Thanks to Thomas Jahns for
  reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Add INI information for Chelsio T5 device.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Integrate MXM STREAM support for MPI_ISEND and MPI_IRECV, and other
  minor MXM fixes.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix to not show amorphous "MPI was already finalized" error when
  failing to MPI_File_close an open file.  Thanks to Brian Smith for
  reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Add a distance-based mapping component to find the socket "closest"
  to the PCI bus.
- Fix an error that caused epoll to automatically be disabled
  in libevent.
- Upgrade hwloc to 1.5.2.
- *Really* fixed XRC compile issue in Open Fabrics support.
- Fix MXM connection establishment flow.
- Fixed parallel debugger ability to attach to MPI jobs.
- Fixed some minor memory leaks.
- Fixed datatype corruption issue when combining datatypes of specific
- Added Location Aware Mapping Algorithm (LAMA) mapping component.
- Fixes for MPI_STATUS handling in corner cases.


- Fixed compile error when --without-memory-manager was specified
  on Linux
- Fixed XRC compile issue in Open Fabrics support.


- Added MPI-3 functionality: 
    - Matched probe
    - Non-blocking collectives
    - MPI_INFO_ENV support
    - Fortran '08 bindings (see below)
- Dropped support for checkpoint/restart due to loss of maintainer :-(
- Enabled compile-time warning of deprecated MPI functions by default
  (in supported compilers).
- Revamped Fortran MPI bindings (see the README for details):
  - "mpifort" is now the preferred wrapper compiler for Fortran
  - Added "use mpi_f08" bindings (for compilers that support it)
  - Added better "use mpi" support (for compilers that support it)
  - Removed incorrect MPI_SCATTERV interface from "mpi" module that
    was added in the 1.5.x series for ABI reasons.
- Modified process affinity system to provide warning when bindings
  result in being "bound to all", which is equivalent to not being
- Removed maffinity, paffinity, and carto frameworks (and associated
  MCA params).
- Upgraded to hwloc v1.5.1.
- Added performance improvements to the OpenIB (OpenFabrics) BTL.
- Made malloc hooks more friendly to IO interprosers.  Thanks to the
  bug report and suggested fix from Darshan maintainer Phil Carns.
- Added support for the DMTCP checkpoint/restart system.
- Added support for the Cray uGNI interconnect.
- Fixed header file problems on OpenBSD.
- Fixed issue with MPI_TYPE_CREATE_F90_REAL.
- Wrapper compilers now explicitly list/link all Open MPI libraries if
  they detect static linking CLI arguments.
- Open MPI now requires a C99 compiler to build.  Please upgrade your
  C compiler if you do not have a C99-compliant compiler.
- Fix MPI_GET_PROCESSOR_NAME Fortran binding to set ierr properly.
  Thanks to LANL for spotting the error.
- Many MXM and FCA updates.
- Fixed erroneous free of putenv'ed string that showed up in Valgrind
- Fixed a bug that prevented MCA params from being forwarded to
  daemons upon launch.
- Fixed issues with VT and CUDA --with-cuda[-libdir] configuration CLI
- Entirely new implementation of many MPI collective routines focused
  on better performance.
- Revamped autogen / build system.
- Add new sensor framework to ORTE that includes modules for detecting
  stalled applications and processes that consume too much memory.
- Added new state machine framework to ORTE that converts ORTE into an
  event-driven state machine using the event library.
- Added a new MCA parameter (ess_base_stream_buffering) that allows the user
  to override the system default for buffering of stdout/stderr streams
  (via setvbuf). Parameter is not visible via ompi_info.
- Revamped the launch system to allow consideration of node hardware
  in assigning process locations and bindings.
- Added the -novm option to preserve the prior launch behavior.
- Revamped the process mapping system to utilize node hardware by adding
  new map-by, rank-by, and bind-to cmd line options.
- Added new MCA parameter to provide protection against IO forwarding
- Dropped support for native Windows due to loss of maintainers. :-(
- Added a new parallel I/O component and multiple new frameworks to 
  support parallel I/O operations.
- Fix typo in orte_setup_hadoop.m4. Thanks to Aleksej Saushev for
  reporting it
- Fix a very old error in opal_path_access(). Thanks to Marco Atzeri
  for chasing it down.


- Prevent integer overflow in datatype creation.  Thanks to Gilles
  Gouaillardet for identifying the problem and providing a preliminary
  version of the patch.
- Ensure help-opal-hwloc-base.txt is included in distribution
  tarballs.  Thanks to Gilles Gouaillardet for supplying the patch.
- Correctly handle the invalid status for NULL and inactive requests.
  Thanks to KAWASHIMA Takahiro for submitting the initial patch.
- Fixed MPI_STATUS_SIZE Fortran issue when used with 8-byte Fortran
  INTEGERs and 4-byte C ints.  Since this issue affects ABI, it is
  only enabled if Open MPI is configured with
  --enable-abi-breaking-fortran-status-i8-fix.  Thanks to Jim Parker
  for supplying the initial patch.
- Fix datatype issue for sending from the middle of non-contiguous
- Fixed failure error with pty support.  Thanks to Michal Pecio for
  the patch.
- Fixed debugger support for direct-launched jobs.
- Fix MPI_IS_THREAD_MAIN to return the correct value.  Thanks to
  Lisandro Dalcin for pointing out the issue.
- Update VT to
  - Fix C++-11 issue.
  - Fix support for building RPMs on Fedora with CUDA libraries.
- Add openib part number for ConnectX3-Pro HCA.
- Ensure to check that all resolved IP addresses are local.
- Fix MPI_COMM_SPAWN via rsh when mpirun is on a different server.
- Add Gentoo "sandbox" memory hooks override.


- Updated default SRQ parameters for the openib BTL.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Major VampirTrace update to
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Fix to set flag==1 when MPI_IPROBE is called with MPI_PROC_NULL.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Set the Intel Phi device to be ignored by default by the openib BTL.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Decrease the internal memory storage used by intrinsic MPI datatypes
  for Fortran types.  Thanks to Takahiro Kawashima for the initial
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Fix total registered memory calculation for Mellanox ConnectIB and
  OFED 2.0.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Fix possible data corruption in the MXM MTL component.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Remove extraneous -L from hwloc's embedding.  Thanks to Stefan
  Friedel for reporting the issue.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Fix contiguous datatype memory check.  Thanks to Eric Chamberland
  for reporting the issue.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Make the openib BTL more friendly to ignoring verbs devices that are
  not RC-capable.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Fix some MPI datatype engine issues.  Thanks to Thomas Jahns for
  reporting the issue.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Add INI information for Chelsio T5 device.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Integrate MXM STREAM support for MPI_ISEND and MPI_IRECV, and other
  minor MXM fixes.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)
- Improved alignment for OpenFabrics buffers.
- Fix to not show amorphous "MPI was already finalized" error when
  failing to MPI_File_close an open file.  Thanks to Brian Smith for
  reporting the issue.
  (** also to appear: 1.7.2)


- Fix Cygwin shared memory and debugger plugin support.  Thanks to
  Marco Atzeri for reporting the issue and providing initial patches.
- Fix to obtaining the correct available nodes when a rankfile is
  providing the allocation.  Thanks to Siegmar Gross for reporting the
- Fix process binding issue on Solaris.  Thanks to Siegmar Gross for
  reporting the problem.
- Updates for MXM 2.0.
- Major VT update to
- Fixed F77 constants for Cygwin/Cmake build.
- Fix a linker error when configuring --without-hwloc.
- Automatically provide compiler flags that compile properly on some
  types of ARM systems.
- Fix slot_list behavior when multiple sockets are specified.  Thanks
  to Siegmar Gross for reporting the problem.
- Fixed memory leak in one-sided operations.  Thanks to Victor
  Vysotskiy for letting us know about this one.
- Added performance improvements to the OpenIB (OpenFabrics) BTL.
- Improved error message when process affinity fails.
- Fixed MPI_MINLOC on man pages for MPI_REDUCE(_LOCAL).  Thanks to Jed
  Brown for noticing the problem and supplying a fix.
- Made malloc hooks more friendly to IO interprosers.  Thanks to the
  bug report and suggested fix from Darshan maintainer Phil Carns.
- Restored ability to direct launch under SLURM without PMI support.
- Fixed MPI datatype issues on OpenBSD.
- Major VT update to
- Support FCA v3.0+.
- Fixed header file problems on OpenBSD.
- Fixed issue with MPI_TYPE_CREATE_F90_REAL.
- Fix an issue with using external libltdl installations.  Thanks to
  opolawski for identifying the problem.
- Fixed MPI_IN_PLACE case for MPI_ALLGATHER for FCA.
- Allow SLURM PMI support to look in lib64 directories.  Thanks to
  Guillaume Papaure for the patch.
- Restore "use mpi" ABI compatibility with the rest of the 1.5/1.6
  series (except for v1.6.3, where it was accidentally broken).
- Fix a very old error in opal_path_access(). Thanks to Marco Atzeri
  for chasing it down.


- Fix mpirun --launch-agent behavior when a prefix is specified.
  Thanks to Reuti for identifying the issue.
- Fixed memchecker configury.
- Brought over some compiler warning squashes from the development trunk.
- Fix spawning from a singleton to multiple hosts when the "add-host"
  MPI_Info key is used.  Thanks to Brian Budge for pointing out the
- Add Mellanox ConnextIB IDs and max inline value.
- Fix rankfile when no -np is given.
- FreeBSD detection improvement.  Thanks to Brooks Davis for the
- Removed TCP warnings on Windows.
- Improved collective algorithm selection for very large messages.
- Fix PSM MTL affinity settings.
- Fix issue with MPI_OP_COMMUTATIVE in the mpif.h bindings.  Thanks to
  Ake Sandgren for providing a patch to fix the issue.
- Fix issue with MPI_SIZEOF when using CHARACTER and LOGICAL types in
  the mpi module.  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for providing a patch to fix
  the issue.


- Fix issue with MX MTL.  Thanks to Doug Eadline for raising the issue.
- Fix singleton MPI_COMM_SPAWN when the result job spans multiple nodes.
- Fix MXM hang, and update for latest version of MXM.
- Update to support Mellanox FCA 2.5.
- Fix startup hang for large jobs.
- Ensure MPI_TESTANY / MPI_WAITANY properly set the empty status when
- Fix MPI_CART_SUB behavior of not copying periods to the new
  communicator properly.  Thanks to John Craske for the bug report.
- Add btl_openib_abort_not_enough_reg_mem MCA parameter to cause Open
  MPI to abort MPI jobs if there is not enough registered memory
  available on the system (vs. just printing a warning).  Thanks to
  Brock Palen for raising the issue.
- Minor fix to Fortran MPI_INFO_GET: only copy a value back to the
  user's buffer if the flag is .TRUE.
- Fix VampirTrace compilation issue with the PGI compiler suite.


- A bunch of changes to eliminate hangs on OpenFabrics-based networks.
  Users with Mellanox hardware are ***STRONGLY ENCOURAGED*** to check
  their registered memory kernel module settings to ensure that the OS
  will allow registering more than 8GB of memory.  See this FAQ item
  for details:

  - Fall back to send/receive semantics if registered memory is
    unavilable for RDMA.
  - Fix two fragment leaks when registered memory is exhausted.
  - Hueristically determine how much registered memory is available
    and warn if it's significantly less than all of RAM.
  - Artifically limit the amount of registered memory each MPI process
    can use to about 1/Nth to total registered memory available.
  - Improve error messages when events occur that are likely due to
    unexpected registered memory exhaustion.

- Fix double semicolon error in the C++ in .  Thanks to John
  Foster for pointing out the issue.
- Allow -Xclang to be specified multiple times in CFLAGS.  Thanks to
  P. Martin for raising the issue.
- Break up a giant "print *" statement in the ABI-preserving incorrect
  MPI_SCATTER interface in the "large" Fortran "mpi" module.  Thanks
  to Juan Escobar for the initial patch.
- Switch the MPI_ALLTOALLV default algorithm to a pairwise exchange.
- Increase the openib BTL default CQ length to handle more types of
  OpenFabrics devices.
- Lots of VampirTrace fixes; upgrade to v5.13.0.4.
- Map MPI_2INTEGER to underlying MPI_INTEGERs, not MPI_INTs.
- Ensure that the OMPI version number is toleant of handling spaces.
  Thanks to dragonboy for identifying the issue.
- Fixed IN parameter marking on Fortran "mpi" module
  MPI_COMM_TEST_INTER interface.
- Various MXM improvements.
- Make the output of "mpirun --report-bindings" much more friendly /
- Properly handle MPI_COMPLEX8|16|32.
- More fixes for mpirun's processor affinity options (--bind-to-core
  and friends).
- Use aligned memory for OpenFabrics registered memory.
- Multiple fixes for parameter checking in MPI_ALLGATHERV,
  mpi4py community (Bennet Fauber, Lisandro Dalcin, Jonathan Dursi).
- Fixed file positioning overflows in MPI_FILE_GET_POSITION,
- Removed the broken --cpu-set mpirun option.
- Fix cleanup of MPI errorcodes.  Thanks to Alexey Bayduraev for the
- Fix default hostfile location.  Thanks to Götz Waschk for noticing
  the issue.
- Improve several error messages.


- Fix some process affinity issues.  When binding a process, Open MPI
  will now bind to all available hyperthreads in a core (or socket,
  depending on the binding options specified).
  --> Note that "mpirun --bind-to-socket ..." does not work on POWER6-
      and POWER7-based systems with some Linux kernel versions.  See
      the FAQ on the Open MPI web site for more information.
- Add support for ARM5 and ARM6 (in addition to the existing ARM7
  support).  Thanks to Evan Clinton for the patch.
- Minor Mellanox MXM fixes.
- Properly detect FDR10, FDR, and EDR OpenFabrics devices.
- Minor fixes to the mpirun(1) and MPI_Comm_create(3) man pages.
- Prevent segv if COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE fails.  Thanks to Fujitsu for
  the patch.
- Disable interposed memory management in fakeroot environments.  This
  fixes a problem in some build environments.
- Minor hwloc updates.
- Array versions of MPI_TEST and MPI_WAIT with a count==0 will now
  return immediately with MPI_SUCCESS.  Thanks to Jeremiah Willcock
  for the suggestion.
- Update VampirTrace to v5.12.2.
- Properly handle forwarding stdin to all processes when "mpirun
  --stdin all" is used.
- Workaround XLC assembly bug.
- OS X Tiger (10.4) has not been supported for a while, so forcibly
  abort configure if we detect it.
- Fix segv in the openib BTL when running on SPARC 64 systems.
- Fix some include file ordering issues on some BSD-based platforms.
  Thanks to Paul Hargove for this (and many, many other) fixes.
- Properly handle .FALSE. return parameter value to attribute copy
  callback functions.
- Fix a bunch of minor C++ API issues; thanks to Fujitsu for the patch.
- Fixed the default hostfile MCA parameter behavior.
- Per the MPI spec, ensure not to touch the port_name parameter to
  MPI_CLOSE_PORT (it's an IN parameter).


- Many, many portability configure/build fixes courtesy of Paul
  Hargrove.  Thanks, Paul!
- Fixed shared memory fault tolerance support compiler errors.
- Removed not-production-quality rshd and tmd PLM launchers.
- Minor updates to the Open MPI SRPM spec file.
- Fixed mpirun's --bind-to-socket option.
- A few MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE fixes in the shared memory BTL.
- Upgrade the GNU Autotools used to bootstrap the 1.5/1.6 series to
  all the latest versions at the time of this release.
- Categorically state in the README that if you're having a problem
  with Open MPI with the Linux Intel 12.1 compilers, *upgrade your
  Intel Compiler Suite to the latest patch version*, and the problems
  will go away. :-)
- Fix the --without-memory-manager configure option.
- Fixes for Totalview/DDT MPI-capable debuggers.
- Update rsh/ssh support to properly handle the Mac OS X library path
- Make warning about shared memory backing files on a networked file
  system be optional (i.e., can be disabled via MCA parameter).
- Several fixes to processor and memory affinity.
- Various shared memory infrastructure improvements.
- Various checkpoint/restart fixes.
- Fix MPI_IN_PLACE (and other MPI sentinel values) on OS X.  Thanks to
  Dave Goodell for providing the magic OS X gcc linker flags necessary.
- Various man page corrections and typo fixes.  Thanks to Fujitsu for
  the patch.
- Updated wrapper compiler man pages to list the various --showme
  options that are available.
- Add PMI direct-launch support (e.g., "srun mpi_application" under
- Correctly compute the aligned address when packing the
  datatype description. Thanks to Fujitsu for the patch.
- Fix MPI obscure corner case handling in packing MPI datatypes.
  Thanks to Fujitsu for providing the patch.
- Workaround an Intel compiler v12.1.0 2011.6.233 vector optimization
- Output the MPI API in ompi_info output.
- Major VT update to
- Upgrade embedded Hardware Locality (hwloc) v1.3.2, plus some
  post-1.3.2-release bug fixes.  All processor and memory binding is
  now done through hwloc.  Woo hoo!  Note that this fixes core binding
  on AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 series-based systems (sometimes known
  as Interlagos, Valencia, or other Bulldozer-based chips).
- New MCA parameters to control process-wide memory binding policy:
  hwloc_base_mem_alloc_policy, hwloc_base_mem_bind_failure_action (see
  ompi_info --param hwloc base).
- Removed direct support for libnuma.  Libnuma support may now be
  picked up through hwloc.
- Added MPI_IN_PLACE support to MPI_EXSCAN.
- Various fixes for building on Windows, including MinGW support.
- Removed support for the OpenFabrics IBCM connection manager.
- Updated Chelsio T4 and Intel NE OpenFabrics default buffer settings.
- Increased the default RDMA CM timeout to 30 seconds.
- Issue a warning if both btl_tcp_if_include and btl_tcp_if_exclude
  are specified.
- Many fixes to the Mellanox MXM transport.


- Add support for the (as yet unreleased) Mellanox MXM transport.
- Add support for dynamic service levels (SLs) in the openib BTL.
- Fixed C++ bindings cosmetic/warnings issue with
  MPI::Comm::NULL_COPY_FN and MPI::Comm::NULL_DELETE_FN.  Thanks to
  Júlio Hoffimann for identifying the issues.
- Also allow the word "slots" in rankfiles (i.e., not just "slot").
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Add Mellanox ConnectX 3 device IDs to the openib BTL defaults.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Various FCA updates.
- Fix 32 bit SIGBUS errors on Solaris SPARC platforms.
- Add missing ARM assembly code files.
- Update to allow more than 128 entries in an appfile.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Various VT updates and bug fixes.
- Update description of btl_openib_cq_size to be more accurate.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Various assembly "clobber" fixes.
- Fix a hang in carto selection in obscure situations.
- Guard the inclusion of execinfo.h since not all platforms have it.  Thanks
  to Aleksej Saushev for identifying this issue.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Support Solaris legacy munmap prototype changes.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Updated to Automake 1.11.1 per
- Fix compilation of LSF support.
- Update MPI_Comm_spawn_multiple.3 man page to reflect what it
  actually does.
- Fix for possible corruption of the environment.  Thanks to Peter
  Thompson for the suggestion.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Enable use of PSM on direct-launch SLURM jobs.
- Update paffinity hwloc to v1.2, and to fix minor bugs affinity
  assignment bugs on PPC64/Linux platforms.
- Let the openib BTL auto-detect its bandwidth.
- Support new MPI-2.2 datatypes.
- Updates to support more datatypes in MPI one-sided communication.
- Fix recursive locking bug when MPI-IO was used with
  MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fix mpirun handling of prefix conflicts.
- Ensure mpirun's --xterm options leaves sessions attached.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fixed type of sendcounts and displs in the "use mpi" F90 module.
  ABI is preserved, but applications may well be broken.  See the
  README for more details.  Thanks to Stanislav Sazykin for
  identifying the issue.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fix indexed datatype leaks.  Thanks to Pascal Deveze for supplying
  the initial patch.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fix debugger mapping when mpirun's -npernode option is used.
- Fixed support for configure's --disable-dlopen option when used with
  "make distclean".
- Fix segv associated with MPI_Comm_create with MPI_GROUP_EMPTY.
  Thanks to Dominik Goeddeke for finding this.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Improved LoadLeveler ORTE support.
- Add new WinVerbs BTL plugin, supporting native OpenFabrics verbs on 
  Windows (the "wv" BTL).
- Add new btl_openib_gid_index MCA parameter to allow selecting which
  GID to use on an OpenFabrics device's GID table.
- Add support for PCI relaxed ordering in the OpenFabrics BTL (when
- Update rsh logic to allow correct SGE operation.
- Ensure that the mca_paffinity_alone MCA parameter only appears once
  in the ompi_info output.  Thanks to Gus Correa for identifying the
- Fixed return codes from MPI_PROBE and MPI_IPROBE.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Remove --enable-progress-thread configure option; it doesn't work on
  the v1.5 branch.  Rename --enable-mpi-threads to
  --enable-mpi-thread-multiple.  Add new --enable-opal-multi-threads
- Updates for Intel Fortran compiler version 12.
- Remove bproc support.  Farewell bproc!
- If something goes wrong during MPI_INIT, fix the error
  message to say that it's illegal to invoke MPI_INIT before


- Add missing "affinity" MPI extension (i.e., the OMPI_Affinity_str()
  API) that was accidentally left out of the 1.5.2 release.


- Replaced all custom topology / affinity code with initial support
  for hwloc v1.1.1 (PLPA has been removed -- long live hwloc!).  Note
  that hwloc is bundled with Open MPI, but an external hwloc can be
  used, if desired.  See README for more details.
- Many CMake updates for Windows builds.
- Updated opal_cr_thread_sleep_wait MCA param default value to make it
  less aggressive.
- Updated debugger support to allow Totalview attaching from jobs
  launched directly via srun (not mpirun).  Thanks to Nikolay Piskun
  for the patch.
- Added more FTB/CIFTS support.
- Fixed compile error with the PGI compiler.
- Portability fixes to allow the openib BTL to run on the Solaris
  verbs stack.
- Fixed multi-token command-line issues when using the mpirun
  --debug switch.  For example:
      mpirun --debug -np 2 a.out "foo bar"
  Thanks to Gabriele Fatigati for reporting the issue.
- Added ARM support.
- Added the MPI_ROOT environment variable in the Open MPI Linux SRPM
  for customers who use the BPS and LSF batch managers.
- Updated ROMIO from MPICH v1.3.1 (plus one additional patch).
- Fixed some deprecated MPI API function notification messages.
- Added new "bfo" PML that provides failover on OpenFabrics networks.
- Fixed some buffer memcheck issues in MPI_*_init.
- Added Solaris-specific chip detection and performance improvements.
- Fix some compile errors on Solaris.
- Updated the "rmcast" framework with bug fixes, new functionality.
- Updated the Voltaire FCA component with bug fixes, new
  functionality.  Support for FCA version 2.1.
- Fix gcc 4.4.x and 4.5.x over-aggressive warning notifications on
  possibly freeing stack variables.  Thanks to the Gentoo packagers
  for reporting the issue.
- Make the openib component be verbose when it disqualifies itself due
- Minor man page fixes.
- Various checkpoint / restart fixes.
- Fix race condition in the one-sided unlock code.  Thanks to
  Guillaume Thouvenin for finding the issue.
- Improve help message aggregation.
- Add OMPI_Affinity_str() optional user-level API function (i.e., the
  "affinity" MPI extension).  See README for more details.
- Added btl_tcp_if_seq MCA parameter to select a different ethernet
  interface for each MPI process on a node.  This parameter is only
  useful when used with virtual ethernet interfaces on a single
  network card (e.g., when using virtual interfaces give dedicated
  hardware resources on the NIC to each process).
- Changed behavior of mpirun to terminate if it receives 10 (or more)
- Fixed oversubscription detection.
- Added new mtl_mx_board and mtl_mx_endpoint MCA parameters.
- Added ummunotify support for OpenFabrics-based transports.  See the
  README for more details.


- Fixes for the Oracle Studio 12.2 Fortran compiler.
- Fix SPARC and SPARCv9 atomics.  Thanks to Nicola Stange for the
  initial patch.
- Fix Libtool issues with the IBM XL compiler in 64-bit mode.
- Restore the reset of the libevent progress counter to avoid
  over-sampling the event library.
- Update memory barrier support.
- Use memmove (instead of memcpy) when necessary (e.g., source and
  destination overlap).
- Fixed ompi-top crash.
- Fix to handle Autoconf --program-transforms properly and other
  m4/configury updates.  Thanks to the GASNet project for the
  --program transforms fix.
- Allow hostfiles to specify usernames on a per-host basis.
- Update wrapper compiler scripts to search for perl during configure,
  per request from the BSD maintainers.
- Minor man page fixes.
- Added --with-libltdl option to allow building Open MPI with an
  external installation of libltdl.
- Fixed various issues with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2.
- Various VT fixes and updates.


- Added "knem" support: direct process-to-process copying for shared
  memory message passing.  See
  and the README file for more details.
- Updated shared library versioning scheme and linking style of MPI
  applications.  The MPI application ABI has been broken from the
  v1.3/v1.4 series.  MPI applications compiled against any prior
  version of Open MPI will need to, at a minimum, re-link.  See the
  README file for more details.
- Added "fca" collective component, enabling MPI collective offload
  support for Voltaire switches.
- Fixed MPI one-sided operations with large target displacements.
  Thanks to Brian Price and Jed Brown for reporting the issue.
- Fixed MPI_GET_COUNT when used with large counts.  Thanks to Jed
  Brown for reporting the issue.
- Made the openib BTL safer if extremely low SRQ settings are used.
- Fixed handling of the array_of_argv parameter in the Fortran
  binding of MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
- Fixed malloc(0) warnings in some collectives.
- Fixed a problem with the Fortran binding for
  MPI_FILE_CREATE_ERRHANDLER.  Thanks to Secretan Yves for identifying
  the issue (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
- Updates to the LSF PLM to ensure that the path is correctly passed.
  Thanks to Teng Lin for the patch (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
  bindings.  Thanks to Paul Kapinos for pointing out the issue
  (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
- Fixed extra_state parameter types in F90 prototypes for
- Fixes for Solaris oversubscription detection.
- If the PML determines it can't reach a peer process, print a
  slightly more helpful message.  Thanks to Nick Edmonds for the
- Make btl_openib_if_include/exclude function the same way
  btl_tcp_if_include/exclude works (i.e., supplying an _include list
  overrides supplying an _exclude list).
- Apply more scalable reachability algorithm on platforms with more
  than 8 TCP interfaces.
- Various assembly code updates for more modern platforms / compilers.
- Relax restrictions on using certain kinds of MPI datatypes with
  one-sided operations.  Users beware; not all MPI datatypes are valid
  for use with one-sided operations!
- Improve behavior of MPI_COMM_SPAWN with regards to --bynode.
- Various threading fixes in the openib BTL and other core pieces of
  Open MPI.
- Various help file and man pages updates.
- Various FreeBSD and NetBSD updates and fixes.  Thanks to Kevin
  Buckley and Aleksej Saushev for their work.
- Fix case where freeing communicators in MPI_FINALIZE could cause
  process failures.
- Print warnings if shared memory state files are opened on what look
  like networked filesystems.
- Update libevent to v1.4.13.
- Allow propagating signals to processes that call fork().
- Fix bug where MPI_GATHER was sometimes incorrectly examining the
  datatype on non-root processes.  Thanks to Michael Hofmann for
  investigating the issue.
- Various Microsoft Windows fixes.
- Various Catamount fixes.
- Various checkpoint / restart fixes.
- Xgrid support has been removed until it can be fixed (patches
  would be welcome).
- Added simplistic "libompitrace" contrib package.  Using the MPI
  profiling interface, it essentially prints out to stderr when select
  MPI functions are invoked.
- Update bundled VampirTrace to v5.8.2.
- Add pkg-config(1) configuration files for ompi, ompi-c, ompi-cxx,
  ompi-f77, ompi-f90.  See the README for more details.
- Removed the libopenmpi_malloc library (added in the v1.3 series)
  since it is no longer necessary
- Add several notifier plugins (generally used when Open MPI detects
  system/network administrator-worthy problems); each have their own
  MCA parameters to govern their usage.  See "ompi_info --param
  notifier " for more details.
  - command to execute arbitrary commands (e.g., run a script).
  - file to send output to a file.
  - ftb to send output to the Fault Tolerant Backplane (see
  - hnp to send the output to mpirun.
  - smtp (requires libesmtp) to send an email.


- Fixed the --disable-memory-manager configure switch.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Fix typos in code and man pages.  Thanks to Fujitsu for these fixes.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Improve management of the registration cache; when full, try freeing
  old entries and attempt to re-register.
- Fixed a data packing pointer alignment issue.  Thanks to Fujitsu
  for the patch.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Add ability to turn off warning about having the shared memory backing
  store over a networked filesystem.  Thanks to Chris Samuel for this
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Removed an unnecessary memmove() and plugged a couple of small memory leaks
  in the openib OOB connection setup code.
- Fixed some QLogic bugs. Thanks to Mark Debbage from QLogic for the patches. 
- Fixed problem with MPI_IN_PLACE and other sentinel Fortran constants
  on OS X.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Fix SLURM cpus-per-task allocation.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Fix the datatype engine for when data left over from the previous
  pack was larger than the allowed space in the pack buffer. Thanks to
  Yuki Matsumoto and Takahiro Kawashima for the bug report and the
- Fix Fortran value for MPI_MAX_PORT_NAME.  Thanks to Enzo Dari for
  raising the issue.
- Workaround an Intel compiler v12.1.0 2011.6.233 vector optimization
- Fix issues on Solaris with the openib BTL.
- Fixes for the Oracle Studio 12.2 Fortran compiler.
- Update iWARP parameters for the Intel NICs.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Fix obscure cases where MPI_ALLGATHER could crash.  Thanks to Andrew
  Senin for reporting the problem.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)


- Modified a memcpy() call in the openib btl connection setup to use
  memmove() instead because of the possibility of an overlapping
  copy (as identified by valgrind).
- Changed use of sys_timer_get_cycles() to the more appropriate
  wrapper: opal_timer_base_get_cycles().  Thanks to Jani Monoses
  for this fix.
- Corrected the reported default value of btl_openib_ib_timeout
  in the "IB retries exceeded" error message.  Thanks to Kevin Buckley
  for this correction.
- Increased rdmacm address resolution timeout from 1s to 30s & 
  updated Chelsio T4 openib BTL defaults.  Thanks to Steve Wise
  for these updates.
  (** also to appear in 1.5.5)
- Ensure that MPI_Accumulate error return in 1.4 is consistent with
  1.5.x and trunk.
- Allow the word "slots" in rankfiles (i.e., not just "slot").
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Add Mellanox ConnectX 3 device IDs to the openib BTL defaults.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Update description of btl_openib_cq_size to be more accurate.
- Ensure mpirun's --xterm options leaves sessions attached.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Update to allow more than 128 entries in an appfile.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Update description of btl_openib_cq_size to be more accurate.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Fix for deadlock when handling recursive attribute keyval deletions
  (e.g., when using ROMIO with MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE).
- Fix indexed datatype leaks.  Thanks to Pascal Deveze for supplying
  the initial patch.  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Fixed the F90 types of the sendcounts and displs parameters to
  MPI_SCATTERV.  Thanks to Stanislav Sazykin for identifying the issue.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Exclude opal/libltdl from "make distclean" when --disable-dlopen is
  used.  Thanks to David Gunter for reporting the issue.
- Fixed a segv in MPI_Comm_create when called with GROUP_EMPTY.
  Thanks to Dominik Goeddeke for finding this.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Fixed return codes from MPI_PROBE and MPI_IPROBE.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Fixed undefined symbol error when using the vtf90 profiling tool.
- Fix for referencing an uninitialized variable in DPM ORTE.  Thanks
  to Avinash Malik for reporting the issue.
- Fix for correctly handling multi-token args when using debuggers.
- Eliminated the unneeded u_int*_t datatype definitions.
- Change in ORTE DPM to get around gcc 4.[45].x compiler wanrings
  about possibly calling free() on a non-heap variable, even though it
  will never happen because the refcount will never go to zero.
- Fixed incorrect text in MPI_File_set_view man page.
- Fix in MPI_Init_thread for checkpoint/restart.
- Fix for libtool issue when using pgcc to compile ompi in conjunction
  with the -tp option.
- Fixed a race condition in osc_rdma_sync.  Thanks to Guillaume
  Thouvenin for finding this issue.
- Clarification of MPI_Init_thread man page.
- Fixed an indexing problem in precondition_transports.
- Fixed a problem in which duplicated libs were being specified for
  linking.  Thanks to Hicham Mouline for noticing it.
- Various fixes.
- Fix for memchecking buffers during MPI_*INIT.
- Man page cleanups.  Thanks to Jeremiah Willcock and Jed Brown.
- Fix for VT rpmbuild on RHEL5.
- Support Solaris legacy munmap prototype changes.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Expands app_idx to int32_t to allow more than 127 app_contexts.
- Guard the inclusion of execinfo.h since not all platforms have it.  Thanks
  to Aleksej Saushev for identifying this issue.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Fix to avoid possible environment corruption.  Thanks to Peter Thompson
  for identifying the issue and supplying a patch.
  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- Fixed paffinity base MCA duplicate registrations.  Thanks to Gus
  Correa for bringing this to our attention.
- Fix recursive locking bug when MPI-IO was used with
  MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE.  (** also appeared in 1.5.4)
- F90 MPI API fixes.
- Fixed a misleading MPI_Bcast error message.  Thanks to Jeremiah
  Willcock for reporting this.
- Added  to ptmalloc's hooks.c (it's not always included
  by default on some systems).
- Libtool patch to get around a build problem when using the IBM XL
- Fix to detect and avoid overlapping memcpy().  Thanks to
  Francis Pellegrini for identifying the issue.
- Fix to allow ompi to work on top of RoCE vLANs.
- Restored a missing debugger flag to support TotalView.  Thanks to
  David Turner and the TV folks for supplying the fix.
- Updated SLURM support to 1.5.1.
- Removed an extraneous #include from the TCP BTL.
- When specifying OOB ports, fix to convert the ports into network
  byte order before binding.
- Fixed use of memory barriers in the SM BTL.  This fixed segv's when
  compiling with Intel 10.0.025 or PGI 9.0-3.
- Fix to prevent the SM BTL from creating its mmap'd file in
  directories that are remotely mounted.


- Fixed handling of the array_of_argv parameter in the Fortran
  binding of MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE (** also to appear: 1.5).
- Fixed a problem with the Fortran binding for
  MPI_FILE_CREATE_ERRHANDLER.  Thanks to Secretan Yves for identifying
  the issue (** also to appear: 1.5).
- Updates to the LSF PLM to ensure that the path is correctly passed.
  Thanks to Teng Lin for the patch (** also to appear: 1.5).
  bindings.  Thanks to Paul Kapinos for pointing out the issue.
  (** also to appear: 1.5).
- Fixed various MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE race conditions.
- Fixed an issue with an undeclared variable from ptmalloc2 munmap on
  BSD systems.
- Fixes for BSD interface detection.
- Various other BSD fixes.  Thanks to Kevin Buckley helping to track.
  all of this down.
- Fixed issues with the use of the -nper* mpirun command line arguments.
- Fixed an issue with coll tuned dynamic rules.
- Fixed an issue with the use of OPAL_DESTDIR being applied too aggressively.
- Fixed an issue with one-sided xfers when the displacement exceeds 2GBytes.
- Change to ensure TotalView works properly on Darwin.
- Added support for Visual Studio 2010.
- Fix to ensure proper placement of VampirTrace header files.
- Needed to add volatile keyword to a varialbe used in debugging
- Fixed a bug in inter-allgather.
- Fixed malloc(0) warnings.
- Corrected a typo the MPI_Comm_size man page (intra -> inter).  Thanks
  to Simon number.cruncher for pointing this out.
- Fixed a SegV in orted when given more than 127 app_contexts.
- Removed xgrid source code from the 1.4 branch since it is no longer
  supported in the 1.4 series.
- Removed the --enable-opal-progress-threads config option since
  opal progress thread support does not work in 1.4.x.
- Fixed a defect in VampirTrace's vtfilter.
- Fixed wrong Windows path in hnp_contact.
- Removed the requirement for a paffinity component.
- Removed a hardcoded limit of 64 interconnected jobs.
- Fix to allow singletons to use ompi-server for rendezvous.
- Fixed bug in output-filename option.
- Fix to correctly handle failures in mx_init().
- Fixed a potential Fortran memory leak.
- Fixed an incorrect branch in some ppc32 assembly code.  Thanks
  to Matthew Clark for this fix.
- Remove use of undocumented AS_VAR_GET macro during configuration.
- Fixed an issue with VampirTrace's wrapper for MPI_init_thread.
- Updated mca-btl-openib-device-params.ini file with various new vendor id's.
- Configuration fixes to ensure CPPFLAGS in handled properly if a non-standard
  valgrind location was specified.
- Various man page updates


- Fixed problem when running in heterogeneous environments.  Thanks to
  Timur Magomedov for helping to track down this issue.
- Update LSF support to ensure that the path is passed correctly.
  Thanks to Teng Lin for submitting a patch.
- Fixed some miscellaneous oversubscription detection bugs.
- IBM re-licensed its LoadLeveler code to be BSD-compliant.
- Various OpenBSD and NetBSD build and run-time fixes.  Many thanks to
  the OpenBSD community for their time, expertise, and patience
  getting these fixes incorporated into Open MPI's main line.
- Various fixes for multithreading deadlocks, race conditions, and
  other nefarious things.
- Fixed ROMIO's handling of "nearly" contiguous issues (e.g., with
  non-zero true_lb).  Thanks for Pascal Deveze for the patch.
- Bunches of Windows build fixes.  Many thanks to several Windows
  users for their help in improving our support on Windows.
- Now allow the graceful failover from MTLs to BTLs if no MTLs can
  initialize successfully.
- Added "clobber" information to various atomic operations, fixing
  erroneous behavior in some newer versions of the GNU compiler suite.
- Update various iWARP and InfiniBand device specifications in the
  OpenFabrics .ini support file.
- Fix the use of hostfiles when a username is supplied.
- Various fixes for rankfile support.
- Updated the internal version of VampirTrace to 5.4.12.
- Fixed OS X TCP wireup issues having to do with IPv4/IPv6 confusion
  (see for more
- Fixed some problems in processor affinity support, including when
  there are "holes" in the processor namespace (e.g., offline
- Ensure that Open MPI's "session directory" (usually located in /tmp)
  is cleaned up after process termination.
- Fixed some problems with the collective "hierarch" implementation
  that could occur in some obscure conditions.
- Various MPI_REQUEST_NULL, API parameter checking, and attribute
  error handling fixes.  Thanks to Lisandro DalcĂ­n for reporting the
- Fix case where MPI_GATHER erroneously used datatypes on non-root
  nodes.  Thanks to Michael Hofmann for investigating the issue.
- Patched ROMIO support for PVFS2 > v2.7 (patch taken from MPICH2
  version of ROMIO).
- Fixed "mpirun --report-bindings" behavior when used with
  mpi_paffinity_alone=1.  Also fixed mpi_paffinity_alone=1 behavior
  with non-MPI applications.  Thanks to Brice Goglin for noticing the
- Ensure that all OpenFabrics devices have compatible receive_queues
  specifications before allowing them to communicate.  See the lengthy
  comment in for
  more details.
- Fix some issues with checkpoint/restart.
- Improve the pre-MPI_INIT/post-MPI_FINALIZE error messages.
- Ensure that loopback addresses are never advertised to peer
  processes for RDMA/OpenFabrics support.
- Fixed a CSUM PML false positive.
- Various fixes for Catamount support.
- Minor update to wrapper compilers in how user-specific argv is
  ordered on the final command line.  Thanks to Jed Brown for the
- Removed flex.exe binary from Open MPI tarballs; now generate flex
  code from a newer (Windows-friendly) flex when we make official


- Update to PLPA v1.3.2, addressing a licensing issue identified by
  the Fedora project.  See for details.
- Add check for malformed checkpoint metadata files (Ticket #2141).
- Fix error path in ompi-checkpoint when not able to checkpoint
  (Ticket #2138).
- Cleanup component release logic when selecting checkpoint/restart
  enabled components (Ticket #2135).
- Fixed VT node name detection for Cray XT platforms, and fixed some
  broken VT documentation files.
- Fix a possible race condition in tearing down RDMA CM-based
- Relax error checking on MPI_GRAPH_CREATE.  Thanks to David Singleton
  for pointing out the issue.
- Fix a shared memory "hang" problem that occurred on x86/x86_64
  platforms when used with the GNU >=4.4.x compiler series.
- Add fix for Libtool 2.2.6b's problems with the PGI 10.x compiler
  suite.  Inspired directly from the upstream Libtool patches that fix
  the issue (but we need something working before the next Libtool


The *only* change in the Open MPI v1.4 release (as compared to v1.3.4)
was to update the embedded version of Libtool's libltdl to address a
potential security vulnerability.  Specifically: Open MPI v1.3.4 was
created with GNU Libtool 2.2.6a; Open MPI v1.4 was created with GNU
Libtool 2.2.6b.  There are no other changes between Open MPI v1.3.4
and v1.4.


- Fix some issues in OMPI's SRPM with regard to shell_scripts_basename
  and its use with mpi-selector.  Thanks to Bill Johnstone for
  pointing out the problem.
- Added many new MPI job process affinity options to mpirun.  See the
  newly-updated mpirun(1) man page for details.
- Several updates to mpirun's XML output.
- Update to fix a few Valgrind warnings with regards to the ptmalloc2
  allocator and Open MPI's use of PLPA.
- Many updates and fixes to the (non-default) "sm" collective
  component (i.e., native shared memory MPI collective operations).
- Updates and fixes to some MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE corner cases.
- Fix some internal copying functions in Open MPI's use of PLPA.
- Correct some SLURM nodelist parsing logic that may have interfered
  with large jobs.  Additionally, per advice from the SLURM team,
  change the environment variable that we use for obtaining the job's
- Revert to an older, safer (but slower) communicator ID allocation
- Fixed minimum distance finding for OpenFabrics devices in the openib
- Relax the parameter checking MPI_CART_CREATE a bit.
- Fix MPI_COMM_SPAWN[_MULTIPLE] to only error-check the info arguments
  on the root process.  Thanks to Federico Golfre Andreasi for
  reporting the problem.
- Fixed some BLCR configure issues.
- Fixed a potential deadlock when the openib BTL was used with
- Fixed dynamic rules selection for the "tuned" coll component.
- Added a launch progress meter to mpirun (useful for large jobs; set
  the orte_report_launch_progress MCA parameter to 1 to see it).
- Reduced the number of file descriptors consumed by each MPI process.
- Add new device IDs for Chelsio T3 RNICs to the openib BTL config file.
- Fix some CRS self component issues.
- Added some MCA parameters to the PSM MTL to tune its run-time
- Fix some VT issues with MPI_BOTTOM/MPI_IN_PLACE.
- Man page updates from the Debain Open MPI package maintainers.
- Add cycle counter support for the Alpha and Sparc platforms.
- Pass visibility flags to libltdl's configure script, resulting in
  those symbols being hidden.  This appears to mainly solve the
  problem of applications attempting to use different versions of
  libltdl from that used to build Open MPI.


- Fix a number of issues with the openib BTL (OpenFabrics) RDMA CM,
  including a memory corruption bug, a shutdown deadlock, and a route
  timeout.  Thanks to David McMillen and Hal Rosenstock for help in
  tracking down the issues.
- Change the behavior of the EXTRA_STATE parameter that is passed to
  Fortran attribute callback functions: this value is now stored
  internally in MPI -- it no longer references the original value
  passed by MPI_*_CREATE_KEYVAL.
- Allow the overriding RFC1918 and RFC3330 for the specification of
  "private" networks, thereby influencing Open MPI's TCP
  "reachability" computations.
- Improve flow control issues in the sm btl, by both tweaking the
  shared memory progression rules and by enabling the "sync" collective
  to barrier every 1,000th collective.
- Various fixes for the IBM XL C/C++ v10.1 compiler.
- Allow explicit disabling of ptmalloc2 hooks at runtime (e.g., enable
  support for Debian's builtroot system).  Thanks to Manuel Prinz and
  the rest of the Debian crew for helping identify and fix this issue.
- Various minor fixes for the I/O forwarding subsystem.
- Big endian iWARP fixes in the Open Fabrics RDMA CM support.
- Update support for various OpenFabrics devices in the openib BTL's
  .ini file.
- Fixed undefined symbol issue with Open MPI's parallel debugger
  message queue support so it can be compiled by Sun Studio compilers.
- Update MPI_SUBVERSION to 1 in the Fortran bindings.
- Fix MPI_GRAPH_CREATE Fortran 90 binding.
- Fix MPI_GROUP_COMPARE behavior with regards to MPI_IDENT.  Thanks to
  Geoffrey Irving for identifying the problem and supplying the fix.
- Silence gcc 4.1 compiler warnings about type punning.  Thanks to
  Number Cruncher for the fix.
- Added more Valgrind and other memory-cleanup fixes.  Thanks to
  various Open MPI users for help with these issues.
- Miscellaneous VampirTrace fixes.
- More fixes for openib credits in heavy-congestion scenarios.
- Slightly decrease the latency in the openib BTL in some conditions
  (add "send immediate" support to the openib BTL).
- Ensure to allow MPI_REQUEST_GET_STATUS to accept an
  MPI_STATUS_IGNORE parameter.  Thanks to Shaun Jackman for the bug
- Added Microsoft Windows support.  See README.WINDOWS file for


- Fixed a potential infinite loop in the openib BTL that could occur
  in senders in some frequent-communication scenarios.  Thanks to Don
  Wood for reporting the problem.
- Add a new checksum PML variation on ob1 (main MPI point-to-point
  communication engine) to detect memory corruption in node-to-node
- Add a new configuration option to add padding to the openib
  header so the data is aligned
- Add a new configuration option to use an alternative checksum algo
  when using the checksum PML
- Fixed a problem reported by multiple users on the mailing list that
  the LSF support would fail to find the appropriate libraries at
- Allow empty shell designations from getpwuid().  Thanks to Sergey
  Koposov for the bug report.
- Ensure that mpirun exits with non-zero status when applications die
  due to user signal.  Thanks to Geoffroy Pignot for suggesting the
- Ensure that MPI_VERSION / MPI_SUBVERSION match what is returned by
  MPI_GET_VERSION.  Thanks to Rob Egan for reporting the error.
- Updated MPI_*KEYVAL_CREATE functions to properly handle Fortran
  extra state.
- A variety of ob1 (main MPI point-to-point communication engine) bug
  fixes that could have caused hangs or seg faults.
- Do not install Open MPI's signal handlers in MPI_INIT if there are
  already signal handlers installed.  Thanks to Kees Verstoep for
  bringing the issue to our attention.
- Fix GM support to not seg fault in MPI_INIT.
- Various VampirTrace fixes.
- Various PLPA fixes.
- No longer create BTLs for invalid (TCP) devices.
- Various man page style and lint cleanups.
- Fix critical OpenFabrics-related bug noted here:
  Open MPI now uses a much more robust memory intercept scheme that is
  quite similar to what is used by MX.  The use of "-lopenmpi-malloc"
  is no longer necessary, is deprecated, and is expected to disappear
  in a future release.  -lopenmpi-malloc will continue to work for the
  duration of the Open MPI v1.3 and v1.4 series.
- Fix some OpenFabrics shutdown errors, both regarding iWARP and SRQ.
- Allow the udapl BTL to work on Solaris platforms that support
  relaxed PCI ordering.
- Fix problem where the mpirun would sometimes use rsh/ssh to launch on
  the localhost (instead of simply forking).
- Minor SLURM stdin fixes.
- Fix to run properly under SGE jobs.
- Scalability and latency improvements for shared memory jobs: convert
  to using one message queue instead of N queues.
- Automatically size the shared-memory area (mmap file) to match
  better what is needed;  specifically, so that large-np jobs will start.
- Use fixed-length MPI predefined handles in order to provide ABI
  compatibility between Open MPI releases.
- Fix building of the posix paffinity component to properly get the
  number of processors in loosely tested environments (e.g.,
  FreeBSD).  Thanks to Steve Kargl for reporting the issue.
- Fix --with-libnuma handling in configure.  Thanks to Gus Correa for
  reporting the problem.


- Added "sync" coll component to allow users to synchronize every N
  collective operations on a given communicator.
- Increased the default values of the IB and RNR timeout MCA parameters.
- Fix a compiler error noted by Mostyn Lewis with the PGI 8.0 compiler.
- Fix an error that prevented stdin from being forwarded if the
  rsh launcher was in use.  Thanks to Branden Moore for pointing out
  the problem.
- Correct a case where the added datatype is considered as contiguous but
  has gaps in the beginning.
- Fix an error that limited the number of comm_spawns that could
  simultaneously be running in some environments
- Correct a corner case in OB1's GET protocol for long messages; the
  error could sometimes cause MPI jobs using the openib BTL to hang.
- Fix a bunch of bugs in the IO forwarding (IOF) subsystem and add some
  new options to output to files and redirect output to xterm.  Thanks to
  Jody Weissmann for helping test out many of the new fixes and
- Fix SLURM race condition.
- Fix MPI_File_c2f(MPI_FILE_NULL) to return 0, not -1.  Thanks to
  Lisandro Dalcin for the bug report.
- Fix the DSO build of tm PLM.
- Various fixes for size disparity between C int's and Fortran
  INTEGER's.  Thanks to Christoph van Wullen for the bug report.
- Ensure that mpirun exits with a non-zero exit status when daemons or
  processes abort or fail to launch.
- Various fixes to work around Intel (NetEffect) RNIC behavior.
- Various fixes for mpirun's --preload-files and --preload-binary
- Fix the string name in MPI::ERRORS_THROW_EXCEPTIONS.
- Add ability to forward SIFTSTP and SIGCONT to MPI processes if you
  set the MCA parameter orte_forward_job_control to 1.
- Allow the sm BTL to allocate larger amounts of shared memory if
  desired (helpful for very large multi-core boxen).
- Fix a few places where we used PATH_MAX instead of OPAL_PATH_MAX,
  leading to compile problems on some platforms.  Thanks to Andrea Iob
  for the bug report.
- Fix mca_btl_openib_warn_no_device_params_found MCA parameter; it
  was accidentally being ignored.
- Fix some run-time issues with the sctp BTL.
- Ensure that RTLD_NEXT exists before trying to use it (e.g., it
  doesn't exist on Cygwin).  Thanks to Gustavo Seabra for reporting
  the issue.
- Various fixes to VampirTrace, including fixing compile errors on
  some platforms.
- Fixed missing MPI_Comm_accept.3 man page; fixed minor issue in
  orterun.1 man page.  Thanks to Dirk Eddelbuettel for identifying the
  problem and submitting a patch.
- Implement the XML formatted output of stdout/stderr/stddiag.
- Fixed mpirun's -wdir switch to ensure that working directories for
  multiple app contexts are properly handled.  Thanks to Geoffroy
  Pignot for reporting the problem.
- Improvements to the MPI C++ integer constants:
  - Allow MPI::SEEK_* constants to be used as constants
  - Allow other MPI C++ constants to be used as array sizes
- Fix minor problem with orte-restart's command line options.  See
  ticket #1761 for details.  Thanks to Gregor Dschung for reporting
  the problem.


- Extended the OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) workaround for a problem when
  assembly code is compiled with -g[0-9].  Thanks to Barry Smith for
  reporting the problem.  See ticket #1701.
- Disabled MPI_REAL16 and MPI_COMPLEX32 support on platforms where the
  bit representation of REAL*16 is different than that of the C type
  of the same size (usually long double).  Thanks to Julien Devriendt
  for reporting the issue.  See ticket #1603.
- Increased the size of MPI_MAX_PORT_NAME to 1024 from 36. See ticket #1533.
- Added "notify debugger on abort" feature. See tickets #1509 and #1510.
  Thanks to Seppo Sahrakropi for the bug report.
- Upgraded Open MPI tarballs to use Autoconf 2.63, Automake 1.10.1,
  Libtool 2.2.6a.
- Added missing MPI::Comm::Call_errhandler() function.  Thanks to Dave
  Goodell for bringing this to our attention.
- Increased MPI_SUBVERSION value in mpi.h to 1 (i.e., MPI 2.1).
- Changed behavior of MPI_GRAPH_CREATE, MPI_TOPO_CREATE, and several
  other topology functions per MPI-2.1.
- Fix the type of the C++ constant MPI::IN_PLACE.
- Various enhancements to the openib BTL:
  - Added btl_openib_if_[in|ex]clude MCA parameters for
    including/excluding comma-delimited lists of HCAs and ports.
  - Added RDMA CM support, includng btl_openib_cpc_[in|ex]clude MCA
  - Added NUMA support to only use "near" network adapters
  - Added "Bucket SRQ" (BSRQ) support to better utilize registered
    memory, including btl_openib_receive_queues MCA parameter
  - Added ConnectX XRC support (and integrated with BSRQ)
  - Added btl_openib_ib_max_inline_data MCA parameter
  - Added iWARP support
  - Revamped flow control mechansisms to be more efficient
  - "mpi_leave_pinned=1" is now the default when possible,
    automatically improving performance for large messages when
    application buffers are re-used
- Elimiated duplicated error messages when multiple MPI processes fail
  with the same error.
- Added NUMA support to the shared memory BTL.
- Add Valgrind-based memory checking for MPI-semantic checks.
- Add support for some optional Fortran datatypes (MPI_LOGICAL1,
- Remove the use of the STL from the C++ bindings.
- Added support for Platform/LSF job launchers.  Must be Platform LSF
  v7.0.2 or later.
- Updated ROMIO with the version from MPICH2 1.0.7.
- Added RDMA capable one-sided component (called rdma), which
  can be used with BTL components that expose a full one-sided
- Added the optional datatype MPI_REAL2. As this is added to the "end of"
  predefined datatypes in the fortran header files, there will not be
  any compatibility issues.
- Added Portable Linux Processor Affinity (PLPA) for Linux.
- Addition of a finer symbols export control via the visibiliy feature
  offered by some compilers.
- Added checkpoint/restart process fault tolerance support. Initially
  support a LAM/MPI-like protocol.
- Removed "mvapi" BTL; all InfiniBand support now uses the OpenFabrics
  driver stacks ("openib" BTL).
- Added more stringent MPI API parameter checking to help user-level
- The ptmalloc2 memory manager component is now by default built as
  a standalone library named libopenmpi-malloc.  Users wanting to
  use leave_pinned with ptmalloc2 will now need to link the library
  into their application explicitly.  All other users will use the
  libc-provided allocator instead of Open MPI's ptmalloc2.  This change
  may be overriden with the configure option enable-ptmalloc2-internal
- The leave_pinned options will now default to using mallopt on
  Linux in the cases where ptmalloc2 was not linked in.  mallopt
  will also only be available if munmap can be intercepted (the
  default whenever Open MPI is not compiled with --without-memory-
- Open MPI will now complain and refuse to use leave_pinned if
  no memory intercept / mallopt option is available.
- Add option of using Perl-based wrapper compilers instead of the
  C-based wrapper compilers.  The Perl-based version does not
  have the features of the C-based version, but does work better
  in cross-compile environments.

1.2.9 (unreleased)

- Fix a segfault when using one-sided communications on some forms of derived
  datatypes.  Thanks to Dorian Krause for reporting the bug. See #1715.
- Fix an alignment problem affecting one-sided communications on
  some architectures (e.g., SPARC64). See #1738.
- Fix compilation on Solaris when thread support is enabled in Open MPI
  (e.g., when using --with-threads). See #1736.
- Correctly take into account the MTU that an OpenFabrics device port
  is using. See #1722 and
- Fix two datatype engine bugs. See #1677.
  Thanks to Peter Kjellstrom for the bugreport.
- Fix the bml r2 help filename so the help message can be found. See #1623.
- Fix a compilation problem on RHEL4U3 with the PGI 32 bit compiler
  caused by .  See ticket #1613.
- Fix the --enable-cxx-exceptions configure option. See ticket #1607.
- Properly handle when the MX BTL cannot open an endpoint. See ticket #1621.
- Fix a double free of events on the tcp_events list. See ticket #1631.
- Fix a buffer overun in opal_free_list_grow (called by MPI_Init).
  Thanks to Patrick Farrell for the bugreport and Stephan Kramer for
  the bugfix.  See ticket #1583.
- Fix a problem setting OPAL_PREFIX for remote sh-based shells.
  See ticket #1580.


- Tweaked one memory barrier in the openib component to be more conservative.
  May fix a problem observed on PPC machines.  See ticket #1532.
- Fix OpenFabrics IB partition support. See ticket #1557.
- Restore v1.1 feature that sourced .profile on remote nodes if the default
  shell will not do so (e.g. /bin/sh and /bin/ksh).  See ticket #1560.
- Fix segfault in MPI_Init_thread() if ompi_mpi_init() fails. See ticket #1562.
- Adjust SLURM support to first look for $SLURM_JOB_CPUS_PER_NODE instead of
  the deprecated $SLURM_TASKS_PER_NODE environment variable.  This change
  may be *required* when using SLURM v1.2 and above.  See ticket #1536.
- Fix the MPIR_Proctable to be in process rank order. See ticket #1529.
- Fix a regression introduced in 1.2.6 for the IBM eHCA. See ticket #1526.


- Add some Sun HCA vendor IDs.  See ticket #1461.
- Fixed a memory leak in MPI_Alltoallw when called from Fortran.
  Thanks to Dave Grote for the bugreport.  See ticket #1457.
- Only link in libutil when it is needed/desired.  Thanks to
  Brian Barret for diagnosing and fixing the problem.  See ticket #1455.
- Update some QLogic HCA vendor IDs.  See ticket #1453.
- Fix F90 binding for MPI_CART_GET.  Thanks to Scott Beardsley for
  bringing it to our attention. See ticket #1429.
- Remove a spurious warning message generated in/by ROMIO. See ticket #1421.
- Fix a bug where command-line MCA parameters were not overriding
  MCA parameters set from environment variables.  See ticket #1380.
- Fix a bug in the AMD64 atomics assembly.  Thanks to Gabriele Fatigati
  for the bug report and bugfix.  See ticket #1351.
- Fix a gather and scatter bug on intercommunicators when the datatype
  being moved is 0 bytes. See ticket #1331.
- Some more man page fixes from the Debian maintainers.
  See tickets #1324 and #1329.
- Have openib BTL (OpenFabrics support) check for the presence of
  /sys/class/infiniband before allowing itself to be used.  This check
  prevents spurious "OMPI did not find RDMA hardware!" notices on
  systems that have the software drivers installed, but no
  corresponding hardware.  See tickets #1321 and #1305.
- Added vendor IDs for some ConnectX openib HCAs. See ticket #1311.
- Fix some RPM specfile inconsistencies.  See ticket #1308.
  Thanks to Jim Kusznir for noticing the problem.
- Removed an unused function prototype that caused warnings on
  some systems (e.g., OS X).  See ticket #1274.
- Fix a deadlock in inter-communicator scatter/gather operations.
  Thanks to Martin Audet for the bug report.  See ticket #1268.


- Fix a bug in the inter-allgather for asymmetric inter-communicators.
  Thanks to Martin Audet for the bug report. See ticket #1247.
- Fix a bug in the openib BTL when setting the CQ depth.  Thanks
  to Jon Mason for the bug report and fix.  See ticket #1245.
- On Mac OS X Leopard, the execinfo component will be used for
  backtraces, making for a more durable solution.  See ticket #1246.
- Added vendor IDs for some QLogic DDR openib HCAs. See ticket #1227.
- Updated the URL to get the latest config.guess and config.sub files.
  Thanks to Ralf Wildenhues for the bug report. See ticket #1226.
- Added shared contexts support to PSM MTL.  See ticket #1225.
- Added pml_ob1_use_early_completion MCA parameter to allow users
  to turn off the OB1 early completion semantic and avoid "stall"
  problems seen on InfiniBand in some cases.  See ticket #1224.
- Sanitized some #define macros used in mpi.h to avoid compiler warnings
  caused by MPI programs built with different autoconf versions.
  Thanks to Ben Allan for reporting the problem, and thanks to
  Brian Barrett for the fix. See ticket #1220.
- Some man page fixes from the Debian maintainers. See ticket #1219.
- Made the openib BTL a bit more resilient in the face of driver
  errors.  See ticket #1217.
- Fixed F90 interface for MPI_CART_CREATE.  See ticket #1208.
  Thanks to Michal Charemza for reporting the problem.
- Fixed some C++ compiler warnings. See ticket #1203.
- Fixed formatting of the orterun man page.  See ticket #1202.
  Thanks to Peter Breitenlohner for the patch.


- Fixed compile issue with open() on Fedora 8 (and newer) platforms.
  Thanks to Sebastian Schmitzdorff for noticing the problem.
- Added run-time warnings during MPI_INIT when MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE
  and/or progression threads are used (the OMPI v1.2 series does not
  support these well at all).
- Better handling of ECONNABORTED from connect on Linux.  Thanks to
  Bob Soliday for noticing the problem; thanks to Brian Barrett for
  submitting a patch.
- Reduce extraneous output from OOB when TCP connections must
  be retried.  Thanks to Brian Barrett for submitting a patch.
- Fix for ConnectX devices and OFED 1.3.  See ticket #1190.
- Fixed a configure problem for Fortran 90 on Cray systems.  Ticket #1189.
- Fix an uninitialized variable in the error case in opal_init.c.
  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for pointing out the mistake.
- Fixed a hang in configure if $USER was not defined.  Thanks to
  Darrell Kresge for noticing the problem.  See ticket #900.
- Added support for parallel debuggers even when we have an optimized build.
  See ticket #1178.
- Worked around a bus error in the Mac OS X 10.5.X (Leopard) linker when
  compiling Open MPI with -g.  See ticket #1179.
- Removed some warnings about 'rm' from Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) builds.
- Fix the handling of mx_finalize().  See ticket #1177.
  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for bringing this issue to our attention.
- Fixed minor file descriptor leak in the Altix timer code.  Thanks to
  Paul Hargrove for noticing the problem and supplying the fix.
- Fix a problem when using a different compiler for C and Objective C.
  See ticket #1153.
- Fix segfault in MPI_COMM_SPAWN when the user specified a working
  directory.  Thanks to Murat Knecht for reporting this and suggesting
  a fix.
- A few manpage fixes from the Debian Open MPI maintainers.  Thanks to
  Tilman Koschnick, Sylvestre Ledru, and Dirk Eddelbuettel.
- Fixed issue with pthread detection when compilers are not all
  from the same vendor.  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for the bug
  report.  See ticket #1150.
- Fixed vector collectives in the self module.  See ticket #1166.
- Fixed some data-type engine bugs: an indexing bug, and an alignment bug.
  See ticket #1165.
- Only set the MPI_APPNUM attribute if it is defined.  See ticket


- Really added support for TotalView/DDT parallel debugger message queue
  debugging (it was mistakenly listed as "added" in the 1.2 release).
- Fixed a build issue with GNU/kFreeBSD. Thanks to Petr Salinger for
  the patch.
- Added missing MPI_FILE_NULL constant in Fortran.  Thanks to
  Bernd Schubert for bringing this to our attention.
- Change such that the UDAPL BTL is now only built in Linux when
  explicitly specified via the --with-udapl configure command line
- Fixed an issue with umask not being propagated when using the TM
- Fixed behavior if number of slots is not the same on all bproc nodes.
- Fixed a hang on systems without GPR support (ex. Cray XT3/4).
- Prevent users of 32-bit MPI apps from requesting >= 2GB of shared
- Added a Portals MTL.
- Fix 0 sized MPI_ALLOC_MEM requests.  Thanks to Lisandro Dalcin for
  pointing out the problem.
- Fixed a segfault crash on large SMPs when doing collectives.
- A variety of fixes for Cray XT3/4 class of machines.
- Fixed which error handler is used when MPI_COMM_SELF is passed
  to MPI_COMM_FREE.  Thanks to Lisandro Dalcini for the bug report.
- Fixed compilation on platforms that don't have hton/ntoh.
- Fixed a logic problem in the fortran binding for MPI_TYPE_MATCH_SIZE.
  Thanks to Jeff Dusenberry for pointing out the problem and supplying
  the fix.
- Fixed a problem with MPI_BOTTOM in various places of the f77-interface.
  Thanks to Daniel Spangberg for bringing this up.
- Fixed problem where MPI-optional Fortran datatypes were not
  correctly initialized.
- Fixed several problems with stdin/stdout forwarding.
- Fixed overflow problems with the sm mpool MCA parameters on large SMPs.
- Added support for the DDT parallel debugger via orterun's --debug
  command line option.
- Added some sanity/error checks to the openib MCA parameter parsing
- Updated the udapl BTL to use RDMA capabilities.
- Allow use of the BProc head node if it was allocated to the user.
  Thanks to Sean Kelly for reporting the problem and helping debug it.
- Fixed a ROMIO problem where non-blocking I/O errors were not properly
  reported to the user.
- Made remote process launch check the $SHELL environment variable if
  a valid shell was not otherwise found for the user.
  Thanks to Alf Wachsmann for the bugreport and suggested fix.
- Added/updated some vendor IDs for a few openib HCAs.
- Fixed a couple of failures that could occur when specifying devices
  for use by the OOB.
- Removed dependency on sysfsutils from the openib BTL for
  libibverbs >=v1.1 (i.e., OFED 1.2 and beyond).


- Fix a regression in comm_spawn functionality that inadvertently
  caused the mapping of child processes to always start at the same
  place.  Thanks to Prakash Velayutham for helping discover the
- Fix segfault when a user's home directory is unavailable on a remote
  node.  Thanks to Guillaume Thomas-Collignon for bringing the issue
  to our attention.
- Fix MPI_IPROBE to properly handle MPI_STATUS_IGNORE on mx and psm
  MTLs. Thanks to Sophia Corwell for finding this and supplying a
- Fix some error messages in the tcp BTL.
- Use _NSGetEnviron instead of environ on Mac OS X so that there
  are no undefined symbols in the shared libraries.
- On OS X, when MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is 10.3 or higher, support
  building the Fortran 90 bindings as a shared library.  Thanks to
  Jack Howarth for his advice on making this work.
- No longer require extra include flag for the C++ bindings.
- Fix detection of weak symbols support with Intel compilers.
- Fix issue found by Josh England: ompi_info would not show framework
  MCA parameters set in the environment properly.
- Rename the oob_tcp_include/exclude MCA params to oob_tcp_if_include/exclude
  so that they match the naming convention of the btl_tcp_if_include/exclude
  params.  The old names are depreciated, but will still work.
- Add -wd as a synonym for the -wdir orterun/mpirun option.
- Fix the mvapi BTL to compile properly with compilers that do not support
  anonymous unions.  Thanks to Luis Kornblueh for reporting the bug.


- Fix regression in 1.2.1 regarding the handling of $CC with both
  absolute and relative path names.
- Fix F90 array of status dimensions.  Thanks to Randy Bramley for
  noticing the problem.
- Add btl_openib_ib_pkey_value MCA parameter for controlling IB port selection.
- Fixed a variety of threading/locking bugs.
- Fixed some compiler warnings associated with ROMIO, OS X, and gridengine.
- If pbs-config can be found, use it to look for TM support.  Thanks
  to Bas van der Vlies for the inspiration and preliminary work.
- Fixed a deadlock in orterun when the rsh PLS encounters some errors.


- Fixed a number of connection establishment errors in the TCP out-
  of-band messaging system.
- Fixed a memory leak when using mpi_comm calls.
  Thanks to Bas van der Vlies for reporting the problem.
- Fixed various memory leaks in OPAL and ORTE.
- Improved launch times when using TM (PBS Pro, Torque, Open PBS).
- Fixed mpi_leave_pinned to work for all datatypes.
- Fix functionality allowing users to disable sbrk() (the
  mpool_base_disable_sbrk MCA parameter) on platforms that support it.
- Fixed a pair of problems with the TCP "listen_thread" mode for the
  oob_tcp_listen_mode MCA parameter that would cause failures when
  attempting to launch applications.
- Fixed a segfault if there was a failure opening a BTL MX endpoint.
- Fixed a problem with mpirun's --nolocal option introduced in 1.2.
- Re-enabled MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE from singletons.
- LoadLeveler and TM configure fixes, Thanks to Martin Audet for the
  bug report.
- Various C++ MPI attributes fixes.
- Fixed issues with backtrace code on 64 bit Intel & PPC OS X builds.
- Fixed issues with multi-word CC variables and libtool.
  Thanks to Bert Wesarg for the bug reports.
- Fix issue with non-uniform node naming schemes in SLURM.
- Fix file descriptor leak in the Grid Engine/N1GE support.
- Fix compile error on OS X 10.3.x introduced with Open MPI 1.1.5.
- Implement MPI_TYPE_CREATE_DARRAY function (was in 1.1.5 but not 1.2).
- Recognize zsh shell when using rsh/ssh for launching MPI jobs.
- Ability to set the OPAL_DESTDIR or OPAL_PREFIX environment
  variables to "re-root" an existing Open MPI installation.
- Always include -I for Fortran compiles, even if the prefix is
- Support for "fork()" in MPI applications that use the
  OpenFabrics stack (OFED v1.2 or later).
- Support for setting specific limits on registered memory.


- Fixed race condition in the shared memory fifo's, which led to
  orphaned messages.
- Corrected the size of the shared memory file - subtracted out the
  space the header was occupying.
- Add support for MPI_2COMPLEX and MPI_2DOUBLE_COMPLEX.
- Always ensure to create $(includedir)/openmpi, even if the C++
  bindings are disabled so that the wrapper compilers don't point to
  a directory that doesn't exist.  Thanks to Martin Audet for
  identifying the problem.
- Fixes for endian handling in MPI process startup.
- Openib BTL initialization fixes for cases where MPI processes in the
  same job has different numbers of active ports on the same physical
- Print more descriptive information when displaying backtraces on
  OS's that support this functionality, such as the hostname and PID
  of the process in question.
- Fixes to properly handle MPI exceptions in C++ on communicators,
  windows, and files.
- Much more reliable runtime support, particularly with regards to MPI
  job startup scalability, BProc support, and cleanup in failure
  scenarios (e.g., MPI_ABORT, MPI processes abnormally terminating,
- Significant performance improvements for MPI collectives,
  particularly on high-speed networks.
- Various fixes in the MX BTL component.
- Fix C++ typecast problems with MPI_ERRCODES_IGNORE.  Thanks to
  Satish Balay for bringing this to our attention.
- Allow run-time specification of the maximum amount of registered
  memory for OpenFabrics and GM.
- Users who utilize the wrapper compilers (e.g., mpicc and mpif77)
  will not notice, but the underlying library names for ORTE and OPAL
  have changed to libopen-rte and libopen-pal, respectively (listed
  here because there are undoubtedly some users who are not using the
  wrapper compilers).
- Many bug fixes to MPI-2 one-sided support.
- Added support for TotalView message queue debugging.
- Print better error messages when mpirun's "-nolocal" is used when
  there is only one node available.
- Added man pages for several Open MPI executables and the MPI API
- A number of fixes for Alpha platforms.
- A variety of Fortran API fixes.
- Build the Fortran MPI API as a separate library to allow these
  functions to be profiled properly.
- Add new --enable-mpirun-prefix-by-default configure option to always
  imply the --prefix option to mpirun, preventing many rsh/ssh-based
  users from needing to modify their shell startup files.
- Add a number of missing constants in the C++ bindings.
- Added tight integration with Sun N1 Grid Engine (N1GE) 6 and the
  open source Grid Engine.
- Allow building the F90 MPI bindings as shared libraries for most
  compilers / platforms.  Explicitly disallow building the F90
  bindings as shared libraries on OS X because of complicated
  situations with Fortran common blocks and lack of support for
  unresolved common symbols in shared libraries.
- Added stacktrace support for Solaris and Mac OS X.
- Update event library to libevent-1.1b.
- Fixed standards conformance issues with MPI_ERR_TRUNCATED and
  setting MPI_ERROR during MPI_TEST/MPI_WAIT.
- Addition of "cm" PML to better support library-level matching
  interconnects, with support for Myrinet/MX, and QLogic PSM-based
- Addition of "udapl" BTL for transport across uDAPL interconnects.
- Really check that the $CXX given to configure is a C++ compiler
  (not a C compiler that "sorta works" as a C++ compiler).
- Properly check for local host only addresses properly, looking 
  for, rather than just


- Implement MPI_TYPE_CREATE_DARRAY function.
- Fix race condition in shared memory BTL startup that could cause MPI
  applications to hang in MPI_INIT.
- Fix syntax error in a corner case of the event library.  Thanks to
  Bert Wesarg for pointing this out.
- Add new MCA parameter (mpi_preconnect_oob) for pre-connecting the
  "out of band" channels between all MPI processes.  Most helpful for
  MPI applications over InfiniBand where process A sends an initial
  message to process B, but process B does not enter the MPI library
  for a long time.
- Fix for a race condition in shared memory locking semantics.
- Add major, minor, and release version number of Open MPI to mpi.h.
  Thanks to Martin Audet for the suggestion.
- Fix the "restrict" compiler check in configure.
- Fix a problem with argument checking in MPI_TYPE_CREATE_SUBARRAY.
- Fix a problem with compiling the XGrid components with non-gcc


- Fixed 64-bit alignment issues with TCP interface detection on
  intel-based OS X machines.
- Adjusted TCP interface selection to automatically ignore Linux
  channel-bonded slave interfaces.
- Fixed the type of the first parameter to the MPI F90 binding for
  MPI_INITIALIZED.  Thanks to Tim Campbell for pointing out the
- Fix a bunch of places in the Fortran MPI bindings where (MPI_Fint*)
  was mistakenly being used instead of (MPI_Aint*).
- Fixes for fortran MPI_STARTALL, which could sometimes return
  incorrect request values.  Thanks to Tim Campbell for pointing out
  the problem.
- Include both pre- and post-MPI-2 errata bindings for
- Fix math error on Intel OS X platforms that would greatly increase
  shared memory latency.
- Fix type casting issue with MPI_ERRCODES_IGNORE that would cause
  errors when using a C++ compiler.  Thanks to Barry Smith for
  bringing this to our attention.
- Fix possible segmentation fault during shutdown when using the


- Remove the "hierarch" coll component; it was not intended to be
  included in stable releases yet.
- Fix a race condition with stdout/stderr not appearing properly from
  all processes upon termination of an MPI job.
- Fix internal accounting errors with the self BTL.
- Fix typos in the code path for when sizeof(int) != sizeof(INTEGER)
  in the MPI F77 bindings functions.  Thanks to Pierre-Matthieu
  Anglade for bringing this problem to our attention.
- Fix for a memory leak in the derived datatype function
  ompi_ddt_duplicate().  Thanks to Andreas Schafer for reporting,
  diagnosing, and patching the leak.
- Used better performing basic algorithm for MPI_ALLGATHERV.
- Added a workaround for a bug in the Intel 9.1 C++ compiler (all
  versions up to and including 20060925) in the MPI C++ bindings that
  caused run-time failures.  Thanks to Scott Weitzenkamp for reporting
  this problem.
- Fix MPI_SIZEOF implementation in the F90 bindings for COMPLEX
  variable types.
- Fixes for persistent requests involving MPI_PROC_NULL.  Thanks to
  Lisandro Dalcin for reporting the problem.
- Fixes to MPI_TEST* and MPI_WAIT* for proper MPI exception reporting.
  Thanks to Lisandro Dalcin for finding the issue.
- Various fixes for MPI generalized request handling; addition of
  missing MPI::Grequest functionality to the C++ bindings.
- Add "mpi_preconnect_all" MCA parameter to force wireup of all MPI
  connections during MPI_INIT (vs. making connections lazily whenever
  the first MPI communication occurs between a pair of peers).
- Fix a problem for when $FC and/or $F77 were specified as multiple
  tokens.  Thanks to Orion Poplawski for identifying the problem and
  to Ralf Wildenhues for suggesting the fix.
  with respect to what arguments they allowed and the behavior that
  they effected.  Thanks to Lisandro Dalcin for reporting the


- Really fix Fortran status handling in MPI_WAITSOME and MPI_TESTSOME.
- Various datatype fixes, reported by several users as causing
  failures in the BLACS testing suite.  Thanks to Harald Forbert, Ake
  Sandgren and, Michael Kluskens for reporting the problem.
- Correctness and performance fixes for heterogeneous environments.
- Fixed a error in command line parsing on some platforms (causing
  mpirun to crash without doing anything).
- Fix for initialization hangs on 64 bit Mac OS X PowerPC systems.
- Fixed some memory allocation problems in mpirun that could cause
  random problems if "-np" was not specified on the command line.
- Add Kerberos authentication support for XGrid.
- Added LoadLeveler support for jobs larger than 128 tasks.
- Fix for large-sized Fortran LOGICAL datatypes.
- Fix various error checking in MPI_INFO_GET_NTHKEY and
  MPI_GROUP_TRANSLATE_RANKS, and some collective operations
  (particularly with regards to MPI_IN_PLACE).  Thanks to Lisandro
  Dalcin for reporting the problems.
- Fix receiving messages to buffers allocated by MPI_ALLOC_MEM.
- Fix a number of race conditions with the MPI-2 Onesided
- Fix the "tuned" collective componenete where some cases where
  MPI_BCAST could hang.
- Update TCP support to support non-uniform TCP environments.
- Allow the "poe" RAS component to be built on AIX or Linux.
- Only install mpif.h if the rest of the Fortran bindings are
- Fixes for BProc node selection.
- Add some missing Fortran MPI-2 IO constants.


- Fix for Fortran string handling in various MPI API functions.
- Fix for Fortran status handling in MPI_WAITSOME and MPI_TESTSOME.
- Various fixes for the XL compilers.
- Automatically disable using mallot() on AIX.
- Memory fixes for 64 bit platforms with registering MCA parameters in
  the self and MX BTL components.
- Fixes for BProc to support oversubscription and changes to the
  mapping algorithm so that mapping processes "by slot" works as
- Fixes for various abort cases to not hang and clean up nicely.
- If using the Intel 9.0 v20051201 compiler on an IA64 platform, the
  ptmalloc2 memory manager component will automatically disable
  itself.  Other versions of the Intel compiler on this platform seem
  to work fine (e.g., 9.1).
- Added "host" MPI_Info key to MPI_COMM_SPAWN and
- Add missing C++ methods: MPI::Datatype::Create_indexed_block,
  MPI::Datatype::Create_resized, MPI::Datatype::Get_true_extent.
- Fix OSX linker issue with Fortran bindings.
- Fixed MPI_COMM_SPAWN to start spawning new processes in slots that
  (according to Open MPI) are not already in use.  
- Added capability to "mpirun a.out" (without specifying -np) that
  will run on all currently-allocated resources (e.g., within a batch
  job such as SLURM, Torque, etc.).
- Fix a bug with one particular case of MPI_BCAST.  Thanks to Doug
  Gregor for identifying the problem.
- Ensure that the shared memory mapped file is only created when there
  is more than one process on a node.
- Fixed problems with BProc stdin forwarding.
- Fixed problem with MPI_TYPE_INDEXED datatypes.  Thanks to Yven
  Fournier for identifying this problem.
- Fix some thread safety issues in MPI attributes and the openib BTL.
- Fix the BProc allocator to not potentially use the same resources
  across multiple ORTE universes.
- Fix gm resource leak.
- More latency reduction throughout the code base.
- Make the TM PLS (PBS Pro, Torque, Open PBS) more scalable, and fix
  some latent bugs that crept in v1.1.  Thanks to the Thunderbird crew
  at Sandia National Laboratories and Martin Schaffoner for access to
  testing facilities to make this happen.
- Added new command line options to mpirun:
  --nolocal: Do not run any MPI processes on the same node as mpirun
    (compatibility with the OSC mpiexec launcher)
  --nooversubscribe: Abort if the number of processes requested would
    cause oversubscription
  --quiet / -q: do not show spurious status messages
  --version / -V: show the version of Open MPI
- Fix bus error in XGrid process starter.  Thanks to Frank from the
  Open MPI user's list for identifying the problem.
- Fix data size mismatches that caused memory errors on PPC64
  platforms during the startup of the openib BTL.
- Allow propagation of SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 signals from mpirun to
  back-end MPI processes.
- Add missing MPI::Is_finalized() function.


- Various MPI datatype fixes, optimizations.
- Fixed various problems on the SPARC architecture (e.g., not
  correctly aligning addresses within structs).
- Improvements in various run-time error messages to be more clear
  about what they mean and where the errors are occurring.
- Various fixes to mpirun's handling of --prefix.
- Updates and fixes for Cray/Red Storm support.
- Major improvements to the Fortran 90 MPI bindings:
  - General improvements in compile/linking time and portability
    between different F90 compilers.
  - Addition of "trivial", "small" (the default), and "medium"
    Fortran 90 MPI module sizes (v1.0.x's F90 module was
    equivalent to "medium").  See the README file for more
  - Fix various MPI F90 interface functions and constant types to
    match.  Thanks to Michael Kluskens for pointing out the problems
    to us.
- Allow short messagees to use RDMA (vs. send/receive semantics) to a
  limited number peers in both the mvapi and openib BTL components.
  This reduces communication latency over IB channels.
- Numerous performance improvements throughout the entire code base.
- Many minor threading fixes.
- Add a define OMPI_SKIP_CXX to allow the user to skip the mpicxx.h from
  being included in mpi.h. It allows the user to compile C code with a CXX
  compiler without including the CXX bindings.
- PERUSE support has been added. In order to activate it add
  --enable-peruse to the configure options. All events described in
  the PERUSE 2.0 draft are supported, plus one Open MPI
  extension. PERUSE_COMM_REQ_XFER_CONTINUE allow to see how the data
  is segmented internally, using multiple interfaces or the pipeline
  engine. However, this version only support one event of each type
  simultaneously attached to a communicator.
- Add support for running jobs in heterogeneous environments.
  Currently supports environments with different endianness and
  different representations of C++ bool and Fortran LOGICAL.
  Mismatched sizes for other datatypes is not supported.
- Open MPI now includes an implementation of the MPI-2 One-Sided
  Communications specification.
- Open MPI is now configurable in cross-compilation environments.
  Several Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 tests need to be pre-seeded with
  results from a config.cache-like file.
- Add --debug option to mpirun to generically invoke a parallel debugger.

1.0.3 (unreleased; all fixes included in 1.1)

- Fix a problem noted by Chris Hennes where MPI_INFO_SET incorrectly
  disallowed long values.
- Fix a problem in the launch system that could cause inconsistent
  launch behavior, particularly when launching large jobs.
- Require that the openib BTL find .  Thanks to Josh
  Aune for the suggestion.
- Include updates to support the upcoming Autoconf 2.60 and Libtool
  2.0.  Thanks to Ralf Wildenhues for all the work!
- Fix bug with infinite loop in the "round robin" process mapper.
  Thanks to Paul Donohue for reporting the problem.
- Enusre that memory hooks are removed properly during MPI_FINALIZE.
  Thanks to Neil Ludban for reporting the problem.
- Various fixes to the included support for ROMIO.
- Fix to ensure that MPI_LONG_LONG and MPI_LONG_LONG_INT are actually
  synonyms, as defined by the MPI standard.  Thanks to Martin Audet
  for reporting this.
- Fix Fortran 90 configure tests to properly utilize LDFLAGS and LIBS.
  Thanks to Terry Reeves for reporting the problem.
- Fix shared memory progression in asynchronous progress scenarios.
  Thanks to Mykael Bouquey for reporting the problem.
- Fixed back-end operations for predefined MPI_PROD for some
  datatypes.  Thanks to Bert Wesarg for reporting this.
- Adapted configure to be able to handle Torque 2.1.0p0's (and above)
  new library name.  Thanks to Brock Palen for pointing this out and
  providing access to a Torque 2.1.0p0 cluster to test with.
- Fixed situation where mpirun could set a shell pipeline's stdout
  to non-blocking, causing the shell pipeline to prematurely fail.
  Thanks to Darrell Kresge for figuring out what was happening.
- Fixed problems with leave_pinned that could cause Badness with the
  mvapi BTL.
- Fixed problems with MPI_FILE_OPEN and non-blocking MPI-2 IO access.
- Fixed various InfiniBand port matching issues during startup.
  Thanks to Scott Weitzenkamp for identifying these problems.
- Fixed various configure, build and run-time issues with ROMIO.
  Thanks to Dries Kimpe for bringing them to our attention.
- Fixed error in MPI_COMM_SPLIT when dealing with intercommunicators.
  Thanks to Bert Wesarg for identifying the problem.
- Fixed backwards handling of "high" parameter in MPI_INTERCOMM_MERGE.
  Thanks to Michael Kluskens for pointing this out to us.
- Fixed improper handling of string arguments in Fortran bindings
  for MPI-IO functionality
- Fixed segmentation fault with 64 bit applications on Solaris when
  using the shared memory transports.
- Fixed MPI_COMM_SELF attributes to free properly at the beginning of
  MPI_FINALIZE.  Thanks to Martin Audet for bringing this to our
- Fixed alignment tests for cross-compiling to not cause errors with
  recent versions of GCC.


- Fixed assembly race condition on AMD64 platforms.
- Fixed residual .TRUE. issue with copying MPI attributes set from
- Remove unnecessary logic from Solaris pty I/O forwarding.  Thanks to
  Francoise Roch for bringing this to our attention.
- Fixed error when count = 0 was given for multiple completion MPI
- Better handling in MPI_ABORT for when peer processes have already
  died, especially under some resource managers.
- Random updates to README file, to include notes about the Portland
- Random, small threading fixes to prevent deadlock.
- Fixed a problem with handling long mpirun app files.  Thanks to Ravi
  Manumachu for identifying the problem.
- Fix handling of strings in several of the Fortran 77 bindings.
- Fix LinuxPPC assembly issues.  Thanks to Julian Seward for reporting 
  the problem.
- Enable pty support for standard I/O forwarding on platforms that
  have ptys but do not have openpty().  Thanks to Pierre Valiron for
  bringing this to our attention.
- Disable inline assembly for PGI compilers to avoid compiler errors.
  Thanks to Troy Telford for bringing this to our attention.
- Added MPI_UNSIGNED_CHAR and MPI_SIGNED_CHAR to the allowed reduction
- Fix a segv in variable-length message displays on Opterons running
  Solaris.  Thanks to Pierre Valiron for reporting the issue.
- Added MPI_BOOL to the intrinsic reduction operations MPI_LAND,
  MPI_LOR, MPI_LXOR.  Thanks to Andy Selle for pointing this out to us.
- Fixed TCP BTL network matching logic during MPI_INIT; in some cases
  on multi-NIC nodes, a NIC could get paired with a NIC on another
  network (typically resulting in deadlock).  Thanks to Ken Mighell
  for pointing this out to us.
- Change the behavior of orterun (mpirun, mpirexec) to search for
  argv[0] and the cwd on the target node (i.e., the node where the
  executable will be running in all systems except BProc, where the
  searches are run on the node where orterun is invoked).
- Fix race condition in shared memory transport that could cause
  crashes on machines with weak memory consistency models (including
  POWER/PowerPC machines).
- Fix warnings about setting read-only MCA parameters on bproc systems.
- Change the exit status set by mpirun when an application process is
  killed by a signal.  The exit status is now set to signo + 128, which
  conforms with the behavior of (almost) all shells.
- Correct a datatype problem with the convertor when partially
  unpacking data. Now we can position the convertor to any position
  not only on the predefined types boundaries. Thanks to Yvan Fournier
  for reporting this to us.
- Fix a number of standard I/O forwarding issues, including the
  ability to background mpirun and a loss of data issue when
  redirecting mpirun's standard input from a file.
- Fixed bug in ompi_info where rcache and bml MCA parameters would not
  be displayed.
- Fixed umask issues in the session directory.  Thanks to Glenn Morris
  for reporting this to us.
- Fixed tcsh-based LD_LIBRARY_PATH issues with --prefix.  Thanks to
  Glen Morris for identifying the problem and suggesting the fix.
- Removed extraneous \n's when setting PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the
  rsh startup.  Thanks to Glen Morris for finding these typos.
- Fixed missing constants in MPI C++ bindings.
- Fixed some errors caused by threading issues.
- Fixed openib BTL flow control logic to not overrun the number of
  send wqes available.
- Update to match newest OpenIB user-level library API.  Thanks to
  Roland Dreier for submitting this patch.
- Report errors properly when failing to register memory in the openib
- Reduce memory footprint of openib BTL.
- Fix parsing problem with mpirun's "-tv" switch.  Thanks to Chris
  Gottbrath for supplying the fix.
- Fix Darwin net/if.h configure warning.
- The GNU assembler unbelievably defaults to making stacks executable.
  So when using gas, add flags to explicitly tell it to not make
  stacks executable (lame but necessary).
- Add missing MPI::Request::Get_status() methods.  Thanks to Bill
  Saphir for pointing this out to us.
- Improved error messages on memory registration errors (e.g., when
  using high-speed networks).
- Open IB support now checks firmware for how many outstanding RDMA
  requests are supported.  Thanks to Mellanox for pointing this out to
- Enable printing of stack traces in MPI processes upon SIGBUS,
  SIGSEGV, and SIGFPE if the platform supports it.
- Fixed F90 compilation support for the Lahey compiler.
- Fixed issues with ROMIO shared library support.
- Fixed internal accounting problems with rsh support.
- Update to GNU Libtool 1.5.22.
- Fix error in configure script when setting CCAS to ias (the Intel
- Added missing MPI::Intercomm collectives.
- Fixed MPI_IN_PLACE handling for Fortran collectives.
- Fixed some more C++ const_cast<> issues.  Thanks for Martin Audet
  (again) for bringing this to our attention.
- Updated ROMIO with the version from MPICH 1.2.7p1, marked as version
- Fixes for some cases where the use of MPI_BOTTOM could cause
- Properly handle the case where an mVAPI does not have shared receive
  queue support (such as the one shipped by SilverStorm / Infinicon
  for OS X).


- Fixed assembly on Solaris AMD platforms.  Thanks to Pierre Valiron
  for bringing this to our attention.
- Fixed long messages in the send-to-self case.
- Ensure that when the "leave_pinned" option is used, the memory hooks
  are also enabled.  Thanks to Gleb Natapov for pointing this out.
- Fixed compile errors for IRIX.
- Allow hostfiles to have integer host names (for BProc clusters).
- Fixed a problem with message matching of out-of-order fragments in
  multiple network device scenarios.
- Converted all the C++ MPI bindings to use proper const_cast<>'s
  instead of old C-style casts to get rid of const-ness.  Thanks to
  Martin Audet for raising the issue with us.
- Converted MPI_Offset to be a typedef instead of a #define because it
  causes problems for some C++ parsers.  Thanks to Martin Audet for
  bringing this to our attention.
- Improved latency of TCP BTL.
- Fixed index value in MPI_TESTANY to be MPI_UNDEFINED if some
  requests were not MPI_REQUEST_NULL, but no requests finished.
- Fixed several Fortran MPI API implementations that incorrectly used
  integers instead of logicals or address-sized integers.
- Fix so that Open MPI correctly handles the Fortran value for .TRUE.,
  regardless of what the Fortran compiler's value for .TRUE. is.
- Improved scalability of MX startup.
- Fix datatype offset handling in the coll basic component's
  MPI_SCATTERV implementation.
- Fix EOF handling on stdin.
  instanatiations.  Thanks to Anthony Chan for pointing this out.
- Add a missing value for MPI_WIN_NULL in mpif.h.
- Bring over some fixes for the sm btl that somehow didn't make it
  over from the trunk before v1.0.  Thanks to Beth Tibbitts and Bill
  Chung for helping identify this issue.
- Bring over some fixes for the iof that somehow didn't make it over
  from the trunk before v1.0.
- Fix for --with-wrapper-ldflags handling.  Thanks to Dries Kimpe for
  pointing this out to us.


Initial public release.