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MPX_EventSet Struct Reference

Data Fields

MPX_status status
struct _threadlist * mythr
struct _masterevent * mev [PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]
int num_events
long long start_c
long long stop_c
long long start_values [PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]
long long stop_values [PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]
long long start_hc [PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]

Detailed Description

Structure contained in the EventSet structure that holds information about multiplexing.

Definition at line 16 of file sw_multiplex.h.

Field Documentation

struct _masterevent* MPX_EventSet::mev[PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]

Pointers to this EventSet's MPX entries in the master list for this thread

Definition at line 21 of file sw_multiplex.h.

struct _threadlist* MPX_EventSet::mythr

Pointer to this thread's structure

Definition at line 19 of file sw_multiplex.h.

int MPX_EventSet::num_events

Number of entries in above list

Definition at line 23 of file sw_multiplex.h.

long long MPX_EventSet::start_c

Not sure...

Definition at line 25 of file sw_multiplex.h.

long long MPX_EventSet::start_hc[PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]

Definition at line 28 of file sw_multiplex.h.

long long MPX_EventSet::start_values[PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]

Definition at line 26 of file sw_multiplex.h.

MPX_status MPX_EventSet::status

Definition at line 17 of file sw_multiplex.h.

long long MPX_EventSet::stop_c

Definition at line 25 of file sw_multiplex.h.

long long MPX_EventSet::stop_values[PAPI_MAX_SW_MPX_EVENTS]

Definition at line 27 of file sw_multiplex.h.

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