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PAPI_option_t Union Reference

A pointer to the following is passed to PAPI_set/get_opt()

Collaboration diagram for PAPI_option_t:

Data Fields

PAPI_preload_info_t preload
PAPI_debug_option_t debug
PAPI_inherit_option_t inherit
PAPI_granularity_option_t granularity
PAPI_granularity_option_t defgranularity
PAPI_domain_option_t domain
PAPI_domain_option_t defdomain
PAPI_attach_option_t attach
PAPI_cpu_option_t cpu
PAPI_multiplex_option_t multiplex
PAPI_itimer_option_t itimer
PAPI_addr_range_option_t addr
PAPI_user_defined_events_file_t events_file

Detailed Description

Definition at line 848 of file papi.h.

Field Documentation

PAPI_addr_range_option_t PAPI_option_t::addr

Definition at line 865 of file papi.h.

PAPI_attach_option_t PAPI_option_t::attach

Definition at line 857 of file papi.h.

PAPI_component_info_t* PAPI_option_t::cmp_info

Definition at line 864 of file papi.h.

PAPI_cpu_option_t PAPI_option_t::cpu

Definition at line 858 of file papi.h.

PAPI_debug_option_t PAPI_option_t::debug

Definition at line 851 of file papi.h.

PAPI_domain_option_t PAPI_option_t::defdomain

Definition at line 856 of file papi.h.

PAPI_granularity_option_t PAPI_option_t::defgranularity

Definition at line 854 of file papi.h.

PAPI_domain_option_t PAPI_option_t::domain

Definition at line 855 of file papi.h.

PAPI_user_defined_events_file_t PAPI_option_t::events_file

Definition at line 866 of file papi.h.

PAPI_exe_info_t* PAPI_option_t::exe_info

Definition at line 863 of file papi.h.

PAPI_granularity_option_t PAPI_option_t::granularity

Definition at line 853 of file papi.h.

PAPI_hw_info_t* PAPI_option_t::hw_info

Definition at line 861 of file papi.h.

PAPI_inherit_option_t PAPI_option_t::inherit

Definition at line 852 of file papi.h.

PAPI_itimer_option_t PAPI_option_t::itimer

Definition at line 860 of file papi.h.

PAPI_multiplex_option_t PAPI_option_t::multiplex

Definition at line 859 of file papi.h.

PAPI_preload_info_t PAPI_option_t::preload

Definition at line 850 of file papi.h.

PAPI_shlib_info_t* PAPI_option_t::shlib_info

Definition at line 862 of file papi.h.

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