Granularity definitions

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#define PAPI_GRN_THR   0x1
#define PAPI_GRN_PROC   0x2
#define PAPI_GRN_PROCG   0x4
#define PAPI_GRN_SYS   0x8
#define PAPI_GRN_SYS_CPU   0x10

Detailed Description

For internal use only.

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Definition at line 366 of file papi.h.


Definition at line 361 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_GRN_PROC   0x2

PAPI counters for each individual process

Definition at line 362 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_GRN_PROCG   0x4

PAPI counters for each individual process group

Definition at line 363 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_GRN_SYS   0x8

PAPI counters for the current CPU, are you bound?

Definition at line 364 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_GRN_SYS_CPU   0x10

PAPI counters for all CPUs individually

Definition at line 365 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_GRN_THR   0x1

PAPI counters for each individual thread

Definition at line 360 of file papi.h.

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