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Data Fields

PAPI_component_info_t cmp_info
cmp_struct_sizes_t size
void(* dispatch_timer )(int, hwd_siginfo_t *, void *)
void *(* get_overflow_address )(int, char *, int)
int(* start )(hwd_context_t *, hwd_control_state_t *)
int(* stop )(hwd_context_t *, hwd_control_state_t *)
int(* read )(hwd_context_t *, hwd_control_state_t *, long long **, int)
int(* reset )(hwd_context_t *, hwd_control_state_t *)
int(* write )(hwd_context_t *, hwd_control_state_t *, long long[])
int(* cleanup_eventset )(hwd_control_state_t *)
int(* stop_profiling )(ThreadInfo_t *, EventSetInfo_t *)
int(* init_component )(int)
int(* init_thread )(hwd_context_t *)
int(* init_control_state )(hwd_control_state_t *ptr)
int(* update_control_state )(hwd_control_state_t *, NativeInfo_t *, int, hwd_context_t *)
int(* ctl )(hwd_context_t *, int, _papi_int_option_t *)
int(* set_overflow )(EventSetInfo_t *, int, int)
int(* set_profile )(EventSetInfo_t *, int, int)
int(* set_domain )(hwd_control_state_t *, int)
int(* ntv_enum_events )(unsigned int *, int)
int(* ntv_name_to_code )(char *, unsigned int *)
int(* ntv_code_to_name )(unsigned int, char *, int)
int(* ntv_code_to_descr )(unsigned int, char *, int)
int(* ntv_code_to_bits )(unsigned int, hwd_register_t *)
int(* ntv_code_to_info )(unsigned int, PAPI_event_info_t *)
int(* allocate_registers )(EventSetInfo_t *)
int(* shutdown_thread )(hwd_context_t *)
int(* shutdown_component )(void)
int(* user )(int, void *, void *)

Detailed Description

Vector Table Stuff

For internal use only.

Definition at line 18 of file papi_vector.h.

Field Documentation

called when an event is added. Should make sure the new EventSet can map to hardware and any conflicts are addressed

Component specific data structure

See also:

Definition at line 20 of file papi_vector.h.

void( * papi_vector_t::dispatch_timer)(int, hwd_siginfo_t *, void *)
void*(* papi_vector_t::get_overflow_address)(int, char *, int)
int(* papi_vector_t::ntv_code_to_descr)(unsigned int, char *, int)
int(* papi_vector_t::ntv_code_to_name)(unsigned int, char *, int)
int(* papi_vector_t::ntv_enum_events)(unsigned int *, int)
int(* papi_vector_t::ntv_name_to_code)(char *, unsigned int *)
int(* papi_vector_t::read)(hwd_context_t *, hwd_control_state_t *, long long **, int)

Component specific structure sizes

Definition at line 23 of file papi_vector.h.

int(* papi_vector_t::user)(int, void *, void *)

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