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#define GET_OVERFLOW_ADDRESS(ctx)   (void *)(((hwd_ucontext_t *)(ctx->ucontext))->sc_jmpbuf.jmp_context.iar)


typedef siginfo_t hwd_siginfo_t
typedef struct sigcontext hwd_ucontext_t

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#define GET_OVERFLOW_ADDRESS ( ctx   )     (void *)(((hwd_ucontext_t *)(ctx->ucontext))->sc_jmpbuf.jmp_context.iar)

Definition at line 12 of file aix-context.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef siginfo_t hwd_siginfo_t

Definition at line 9 of file aix-context.h.

typedef struct sigcontext hwd_ucontext_t

Definition at line 10 of file aix-context.h.

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