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PAPI_hw_info_t Struct Reference

Hardware info structure.

Collaboration diagram for PAPI_hw_info_t:

Data Fields

int ncpu
int threads
int cores
int sockets
int nnodes
int totalcpus
int vendor
char vendor_string [PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]
int model
char model_string [PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]
float revision
int cpuid_family
int cpuid_model
int cpuid_stepping
int cpu_max_mhz
int cpu_min_mhz
PAPI_mh_info_t mem_hierarchy
int virtualized
char virtual_vendor_string [PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]
char virtual_vendor_version [PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]
float mhz
int clock_mhz
int reserved [8]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 780 of file papi.h.

Field Documentation

int PAPI_hw_info_t::clock_mhz


Definition at line 808 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::cores

Number of cores per socket

Definition at line 783 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::cpu_max_mhz

Maximum supported CPU speed

Definition at line 796 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::cpu_min_mhz

Minimum supported CPU speed

Definition at line 797 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::cpuid_family

cpuid family

Definition at line 792 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::cpuid_model

cpuid model

Definition at line 793 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::cpuid_stepping

cpuid stepping

Definition at line 794 of file papi.h.

PAPI_mh_info_t PAPI_hw_info_t::mem_hierarchy

PAPI memory heirarchy description

Definition at line 799 of file papi.h.

float PAPI_hw_info_t::mhz


Definition at line 807 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::model

Model number of CPU

Definition at line 789 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_hw_info_t::model_string[PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]

Model string of CPU

Definition at line 790 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::ncpu

Number of CPUs per NUMA Node

Definition at line 781 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::nnodes

Total Number of NUMA Nodes

Definition at line 785 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::reserved[8]

Definition at line 811 of file papi.h.

float PAPI_hw_info_t::revision

Revision of CPU

Definition at line 791 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::sockets

Number of sockets

Definition at line 784 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::threads

Number of hdw threads per core

Definition at line 782 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::totalcpus

Total number of CPUs in the entire system

Definition at line 786 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::vendor

Vendor number of CPU

Definition at line 787 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_hw_info_t::vendor_string[PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]

Vendor string of CPU

Definition at line 788 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_hw_info_t::virtual_vendor_string[PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]

Vendor for virtual machine

Definition at line 801 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_hw_info_t::virtual_vendor_version[PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]

Version of virtual machine

Definition at line 803 of file papi.h.

int PAPI_hw_info_t::virtualized

Running in virtual machine

Definition at line 800 of file papi.h.

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