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master_command Struct Reference

Data Fields

char m_host_name [100]
char m_client_name [100]
char m_stop_flag
int m_client_number
int m_client_error
int m_child_port
int m_child_async_port
int m_command
int m_testnum
int m_version
int m_mygen
float m_throughput
float m_cputime
float m_walltime
float m_actual
long long m_child_flag

Detailed Description

Definition at line 683 of file iozone.c.

Field Documentation

float master_command::m_actual

Definition at line 698 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_child_async_port

Definition at line 690 of file iozone.c.

long long master_command::m_child_flag

Definition at line 699 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_child_port

Definition at line 689 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_client_error

Definition at line 688 of file iozone.c.

char master_command::m_client_name[100]

Definition at line 685 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_client_number

Definition at line 687 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_command

Definition at line 691 of file iozone.c.

float master_command::m_cputime

Definition at line 696 of file iozone.c.

char master_command::m_host_name[100]

Definition at line 684 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_mygen

Definition at line 694 of file iozone.c.

char master_command::m_stop_flag

Definition at line 686 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_testnum

Definition at line 692 of file iozone.c.

float master_command::m_throughput

Definition at line 695 of file iozone.c.

int master_command::m_version

Definition at line 693 of file iozone.c.

float master_command::m_walltime

Definition at line 697 of file iozone.c.

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