PAPI_event_info_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned int event_code
char symbol [PAPI_HUGE_STR_LEN]
char short_descr [PAPI_MIN_STR_LEN]
char long_descr [PAPI_HUGE_STR_LEN]
int component_index
char units [PAPI_MIN_STR_LEN]
int location
int data_type
int value_type
int timescope
int update_type
int update_freq
unsigned int count
unsigned int event_type
char derived [PAPI_MIN_STR_LEN]
char postfix [PAPI_2MAX_STR_LEN]
unsigned int code [PAPI_MAX_INFO_TERMS]
char note [PAPI_HUGE_STR_LEN]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 961 of file papi.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned int PAPI_event_info_t::code[PAPI_MAX_INFO_TERMS]

array of values that further describe the event:

  • presets: native event_code values
  • native:, register values(?)

Definition at line 1001 of file papi.h.

component this event belongs to

Definition at line 972 of file papi.h.

number of terms (usually 1) in the code and name fields

  • presets: these are native events
  • native: these are unused

Definition at line 985 of file papi.h.

data type returned by PAPI

Definition at line 975 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::derived[PAPI_MIN_STR_LEN]

name of the derived type

  • presets: usually NOT_DERIVED
  • native: empty string

Definition at line 993 of file papi.h.

preset (0x8xxxxxxx) or native (0x4xxxxxxx) event code

Definition at line 962 of file papi.h.

event type or category for preset events only

Definition at line 990 of file papi.h.

location event applies to

Definition at line 974 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::long_descr[PAPI_HUGE_STR_LEN]

a longer description: typically a sentence for presets, possibly a paragraph from vendor docs for native events

Definition at line 967 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::name[PAPI_MAX_INFO_TERMS][PAPI_2MAX_STR_LEN]

< names of code terms: - presets: native event names,

  • native: descriptive strings for each register value(?)

Definition at line 1007 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::note[PAPI_HUGE_STR_LEN]

an optional developer note supplied with a preset event to delineate platform specific anomalies or restrictions

Definition at line 1011 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::postfix[PAPI_2MAX_STR_LEN]

string containing postfix operations; only defined for preset events of derived type DERIVED_POSTFIX

Definition at line 996 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::short_descr[PAPI_MIN_STR_LEN]

a short description suitable for use as a label

Definition at line 965 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::symbol[PAPI_HUGE_STR_LEN]

name of the event

Definition at line 964 of file papi.h.

from start, etc.

Definition at line 977 of file papi.h.

char PAPI_event_info_t::units[PAPI_MIN_STR_LEN]

units event is measured in

Definition at line 973 of file papi.h.

how frequently event is updated

Definition at line 979 of file papi.h.

how event is updated

Definition at line 978 of file papi.h.

sum or absolute

Definition at line 976 of file papi.h.

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