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Data Structures

struct  hwd_register_t
struct  papi_cpc_event_t
struct  hwd_control_state_t
struct  native_info_t


#define MAX_COUNTERS   2
#define _papi_hwd_lock(lck)   rw_wrlock(&lock[lck]);
#define _papi_hwd_unlock(lck)   rw_unlock(&lock[lck]);


typedef int hwd_reg_alloc_t
typedef int hwd_register_map_t
typedef int hwd_context_t


void cpu_sync (void)
unsigned long long get_tick (void)


caddr_t _start
caddr_t _end
caddr_t _etext
caddr_t _edata
rwlock_t lock [PAPI_MAX_LOCK]

Define Documentation

#define _papi_hwd_lock ( lck   )     rw_wrlock(&lock[lck]);

Definition at line 88 of file solaris-ultra.h.

#define _papi_hwd_unlock ( lck   )     rw_unlock(&lock[lck]);

Definition at line 90 of file solaris-ultra.h.


Definition at line 30 of file solaris-ultra.h.

#define MAX_COUNTERS   2

Definition at line 29 of file solaris-ultra.h.


Definition at line 32 of file solaris-ultra.h.


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Definition at line 31 of file solaris-ultra.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int hwd_context_t

Definition at line 78 of file solaris-ultra.h.

typedef int hwd_reg_alloc_t

Definition at line 43 of file solaris-ultra.h.

typedef int hwd_register_map_t

Definition at line 66 of file solaris-ultra.h.

Function Documentation

void cpu_sync ( void   ) 
unsigned long long get_tick ( void   ) 

Variable Documentation

caddr_t _edata
caddr_t _end
caddr_t _etext
caddr_t _start
rwlock_t lock[PAPI_MAX_LOCK]

Definition at line 25 of file aix.c.

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