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States of an EventSet
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#define PAPI_STOPPED   0x01
#define PAPI_RUNNING   0x02
#define PAPI_PAUSED   0x04
#define PAPI_NOT_INIT   0x08
#define PAPI_OVERFLOWING   0x10
#define PAPI_PROFILING   0x20
#define PAPI_MULTIPLEXING   0x40
#define PAPI_ATTACHED   0x80
#define PAPI_CPU_ATTACHED   0x100

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PAPI_ATTACHED   0x80

EventSet is attached to another thread/process

Definition at line 381 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_CPU_ATTACHED   0x100

EventSet is attached to a specific cpu (not counting thread of execution)

Definition at line 382 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_MULTIPLEXING   0x40

EventSet has multiplexing enabled

Definition at line 380 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_NOT_INIT   0x08

EventSet defined, but not initialized

Definition at line 377 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_OVERFLOWING   0x10

EventSet has overflowing enabled

Definition at line 378 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_PAUSED   0x04

EventSet temp. disabled by the library

Definition at line 376 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_PROFILING   0x20

EventSet has profiling enabled

Definition at line 379 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_RUNNING   0x02

EventSet running

Definition at line 375 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_STOPPED   0x01

EventSet stopped

Definition at line 374 of file papi.h.