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1 #ifndef __PAPI_COST_UTILS_H__
2 #define __PAPI_COST_UTILS_H__
3 extern int num_iters;
5 extern double do_stats(long long*, long long*, long long *, double *);
6 extern void do_std_dev( long long*, int*, double, double );
7 extern void do_dist( long long*, long long, long long, int, int*);
9 #endif /* __PAPI_COST_UTILS_H__ */
double do_stats(long long *array, long long *min, long long *max, double *average)
Definition: cost_utils.c:10
void do_dist(long long *a, long long min, long long max, int bins, int *d)
Definition: cost_utils.c:54
void do_std_dev(long long *a, int *s, double std, double ave)
Definition: cost_utils.c:35
int num_iters
Definition: cost_utils.c:6