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Data Structures

struct  pfm_control_state_t
struct  pfm_context_t


#define DEBUGCALL(a, b)   { if (ISLEVEL(a)) { b; } }


typedef pfmlib_event_t pfm_register_t
typedef int pfm_register_map_t
typedef int pfm_reg_alloc_t
typedef pfm_reg_alloc_t cmp_reg_alloc_t
typedef pfm_register_t cmp_register_t
typedef pfm_control_state_t cmp_control_state_t
typedef pfm_context_t cmp_context_t

Define Documentation

#define DEBUGCALL ( a,
b   )     { if (ISLEVEL(a)) { b; } }

Definition at line 39 of file perfmon.h.


Definition at line 49 of file perfmon.h.


Definition at line 48 of file perfmon.h.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 101 of file perfmon.h.

Definition at line 100 of file perfmon.h.

Definition at line 98 of file perfmon.h.

Definition at line 99 of file perfmon.h.

typedef int pfm_reg_alloc_t

Definition at line 46 of file perfmon.h.

typedef int pfm_register_map_t

Definition at line 45 of file perfmon.h.

typedef pfmlib_event_t pfm_register_t

Definition at line 44 of file perfmon.h.

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