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EventSetInfo_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for EventSetInfo_t:

Data Fields

struct _ThreadInfo * master
struct _CpuInfo * CpuInfo
int state
unsigned long int tid
int EventSetIndex
int CmpIdx
int NumberOfEvents
long longhw_start
long longsw_stop
int NativeCount
EventSetDomainInfo_t domain
EventSetGranularityInfo_t granularity
EventSetOverflowInfo_t overflow
EventSetMultiplexInfo_t multiplex
EventSetAttachInfo_t attach
EventSetCpuInfo_t cpu
EventSetProfileInfo_t profile
EventSetInheritInfo_t inherit

Detailed Description

Fields below are ordered by access in PAPI_read for performance

Definition at line 259 of file papi_internal.h.

Field Documentation

EventSetAttachInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::attach

Definition at line 305 of file papi_internal.h.

int EventSetInfo_t::CmpIdx

Which Component this EventSet Belongs to

Definition at line 281 of file papi_internal.h.

EventSetCpuInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::cpu

Definition at line 306 of file papi_internal.h.

struct _CpuInfo* EventSetInfo_t::CpuInfo

Pointer to cpu that owns this EventSet

Definition at line 261 of file papi_internal.h.

hwd_control_state_t* EventSetInfo_t::ctl_state

This contains the encoding necessary for the hardware to set the counters to the appropriate conditions

Definition at line 272 of file papi_internal.h.

EventSetDomainInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::domain

Definition at line 301 of file papi_internal.h.

EventInfo_t* EventSetInfo_t::EventInfoArray
             This array contains the mapping from

events added into the API into hardware specific encoding as returned by the kernel or the code that directly accesses the counters.

Definition at line 266 of file papi_internal.h.

int EventSetInfo_t::EventSetIndex

Index of the EventSet in the array

Definition at line 279 of file papi_internal.h.

EventSetGranularityInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::granularity

Definition at line 302 of file papi_internal.h.

long long* EventSetInfo_t::hw_start
           Array of length num_mpx_cntrs to hold

unprocessed, out of order, long long counter registers

Definition at line 285 of file papi_internal.h.

EventSetInheritInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::inherit

Definition at line 308 of file papi_internal.h.

struct _ThreadInfo* EventSetInfo_t::master

Pointer to thread that owns this EventSet

Definition at line 260 of file papi_internal.h.

EventSetMultiplexInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::multiplex

Definition at line 304 of file papi_internal.h.

hwd_register_t* EventSetInfo_t::NativeBits
           Component-specific bits corresponding

to the native events

Definition at line 298 of file papi_internal.h.

int EventSetInfo_t::NativeCount

Number of native events in NativeInfoArray

Definition at line 293 of file papi_internal.h.

NativeInfo_t* EventSetInfo_t::NativeInfoArray

Info about each native event in the set

Definition at line 296 of file papi_internal.h.

int EventSetInfo_t::NumberOfEvents

Number of events added to EventSet

Definition at line 283 of file papi_internal.h.

EventSetOverflowInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::overflow

Definition at line 303 of file papi_internal.h.

EventSetProfileInfo_t EventSetInfo_t::profile

Definition at line 307 of file papi_internal.h.

int EventSetInfo_t::state
              The state of this entire EventSet; can be


Definition at line 263 of file papi_internal.h.

long long* EventSetInfo_t::sw_stop

Array of length num_mpx_cntrs that contains processed, in order, PAPI counter values when used or stopped

Definition at line 289 of file papi_internal.h.

unsigned long int EventSetInfo_t::tid

Thread ID, only used if PAPI_thread_init() is called

Definition at line 276 of file papi_internal.h.

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