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map-unknown.c File Reference
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Native_Event_LabelDescription_t UnkProcessor_info []

Variable Documentation

Native_Event_LabelDescription_t UnkProcessor_info[]
Initial value:
{ "branches", "Measure the number of branches retired." },
{ "branch-mispredicts", "Measure the number of retired branches that were mispredicted." },
{ "dc-misses", "Measure the number of data cache misses." },
{ "ic-misses", "Measure the number of instruction cache misses." },
{ "instructions", "Measure the number of instructions retired." },
{ "interrupts", "Measure the number of interrupts seen." },
{ "unhalted-cycles", "Measure the number of cycles the processor is not in a halted or sleep state." },

Definition at line 26 of file map-unknown.c.