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1 #ifndef EXTRAS_H
2 #define EXTRAS_H
4 int _papi_hwi_stop_timer( int timer, int signal );
5 int _papi_hwi_start_timer( int timer, int signal, int ms );
7 int _papi_hwi_start_signal( int signal, int need_context, int cidx );
9 int _papi_hwi_dispatch_overflow_signal( void *papiContext, caddr_t address,
10  int *, long long, int,
11  ThreadInfo_t ** master, int cidx );
12 void _papi_hwi_dispatch_profile( EventSetInfo_t * ESI, caddr_t address,
13  long long over, int profile_index );
16 #endif /* EXTRAS_H */
static int cidx
int _papi_hwi_stop_timer(int timer, int signal)
Definition: extras.c:463
int _papi_hwi_start_timer(int timer, int signal, int ns)
Definition: extras.c:368
int _papi_hwi_initialize(DynamicArray_t **)
int _papi_hwi_start_signal(int signal, int need_context, int cidx)
Definition: extras.c:403
int _papi_hwi_stop_signal(int signal)
Definition: extras.c:443
void _papi_hwi_dispatch_profile(EventSetInfo_t *ESI, caddr_t pc, long long over, int profile_index)
Definition: extras.c:165
int _papi_hwi_dispatch_overflow_signal(void *papiContext, caddr_t address, int *isHardware, long long overflow_bit, int genOverflowBit, ThreadInfo_t **t, int cidx)
Definition: extras.c:216
signal(SIGINT, signal_handler)