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pfm_control_state_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

int ctx_fd
pfarg_ctx_t * ctx
pfarg_load_t * load
pfm_register_map_t bits
pfmlib_input_param_t in
pfmlib_output_param_t out
int multiplexed
int num_sets
pfarg_setdesc_t set [PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]
pfarg_setinfo_t setinfo [PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]
pfarg_pmc_t pc [PFMLIB_MAX_PMCS]
pfarg_pmd_t pd [PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]
long long counts [PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file perfmon.h.

Field Documentation

pfm_register_map_t pfm_control_state_t::bits

Definition at line 59 of file perfmon.h.

long long pfm_control_state_t::counts[PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]

Definition at line 77 of file perfmon.h.

pfarg_ctx_t* pfm_control_state_t::ctx

Definition at line 55 of file perfmon.h.

int pfm_control_state_t::ctx_fd

Definition at line 54 of file perfmon.h.

pfmlib_input_param_t pfm_control_state_t::in

Definition at line 61 of file perfmon.h.

pfarg_load_t* pfm_control_state_t::load

Definition at line 57 of file perfmon.h.

int pfm_control_state_t::multiplexed

Definition at line 65 of file perfmon.h.

int pfm_control_state_t::num_sets

Definition at line 67 of file perfmon.h.

pfmlib_output_param_t pfm_control_state_t::out

Definition at line 63 of file perfmon.h.

pfarg_pmc_t pfm_control_state_t::pc[PFMLIB_MAX_PMCS]

Definition at line 73 of file perfmon.h.

pfarg_pmd_t pfm_control_state_t::pd[PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]

Definition at line 75 of file perfmon.h.

pfarg_setdesc_t pfm_control_state_t::set[PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]

Definition at line 69 of file perfmon.h.

pfarg_setinfo_t pfm_control_state_t::setinfo[PFMLIB_MAX_PMDS]

Definition at line 71 of file perfmon.h.

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