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Domain definitions
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#define PAPI_DOM_USER   0x1
#define PAPI_DOM_KERNEL   0x2
#define PAPI_DOM_OTHER   0x4
#define PAPI_DOM_HWSPEC   0x80000000

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

All contexts counted

Definition at line 303 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_DOM_HWSPEC   0x80000000

Flag that indicates we are not reading CPU like stuff. The lower 31 bits can be decoded by the component into something meaningful. i.e. SGI HUB counters

Definition at line 306 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_DOM_KERNEL   0x2

Kernel/OS context counted

Definition at line 300 of file papi.h.


Definition at line 305 of file papi.h.


Definition at line 299 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_DOM_OTHER   0x4

Exception/transient mode (like user TLB misses )

Definition at line 301 of file papi.h.


Supervisor/hypervisor context counted

Definition at line 302 of file papi.h.

#define PAPI_DOM_USER   0x1

User context counted

Definition at line 298 of file papi.h.