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PAPI_disable_component_by_name Class Reference

disables the named component More...

Detailed Description

\retval ENOCMP
    component does not exist
\retval ENOINIT
    unable to disable the component, the library has already been initialized
\param component_name
    name of the component to disable.
\par Example:
int result;
result = PAPI_disable_component_by_name("example");
if (result==PAPI_OK)
printf("component \"example\" has been disabled\n");

PAPI_disable_component_by_name() allows the user to disable a component before PAPI_library_init() time. This is useful if the user knows they do not with to use events from that component and want to reduce the PAPI library overhead.

PAPI_disable_component_by_name() must be called before PAPI_library_init().

none known
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