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PAPI_list_threads Class Reference

List the registered thread ids. More...

Detailed Description

PAPI_list_threads() returns to the caller a list of all thread IDs known to PAPI.

This call assumes an initialized PAPI library.

C Interface
#include <papi.h>
int PAPI_list_threads(PAPI_thread_id_t *tids, int * number );
[in,out]*tids– A pointer to a preallocated array. This may be NULL to only return a count of threads. No more than *number codes will be stored in the array.
[in,out]*number– An input and output parameter. Input specifies the number of allocated elements in *tids (if non-NULL) and output specifies the number of threads.
Return values
PAPI_OKThe call returned successfully.
PAPI_EINVAL*number has an improper value
See Also
PAPI_thread_init PAPI_thread_id

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